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Sky Drawing Drone System Reflective Ribbon

Highly reflective material strung between quadcopters eliminate need for onboard lights
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Quadcopters with visual elements strung between them that are used to form images in real time are part of a previous idea. To make these visible at night one incarnation was to have lights on them.

It occurs to me, a much easier way to achieve brightly lit visual elements for the described invention would be to have highly reflective ribbon strung between the quadcopters and then shine searchlights on them.

The amount of light reflected back would be many times brighter than that which LEDs and batteries would be able to generate.

In fact, simply having highly reflective drones themselves should be patentable. I'll throw that in as well.

doctorremulac3, Dec 21 2016

Once your drones can do this... https://www.youtube...watch?v=nRpzIMr3oU8
Nobody's going to want to settle for just a dull fireworks display again. [doctorremulac3, Dec 23 2016]

Outgoing POTUS establishes a practice zone for this idea ... http://www.theonion...space-new-fre-53490
[normzone, Dec 27 2016]


       Beautiful silicon gymnasts of the air. Could be inspiring.
wjt, Dec 23 2016

       Absolutely. In designing some aerial shows this invention could do I came up with a few ideas, the coolest one being they form a moire pattern. They could loop and spiral and tie loose knots around each other, the programmer of the flight paths of these would by necessity be talented artists. Remember, they're controlled by computers so they'll be doing stuff humans could never do.   

       An aerial ballet that would make fireworks seem dull and outdated by comparison. And getting your light from the ground via spotlights rather than LEDs (although both would be available, spotlights would be for big budget shows) could set the sky on fire with these things.   

       The reflective ribbons could also be spiral shaped with a different color on each side so as they spun they'd appear to recede from the aircraft like a trail.   

       I'm loving this idea more every day.
doctorremulac3, Dec 23 2016

       See link, how is Disney going to continue simply putting on pixel based drone shows when "Sky Fire Drone Art" system can do stuff like this? (see link)
doctorremulac3, Dec 23 2016

       Wow, the drone ideas are multiplying... like drones or something.
RayfordSteele, Dec 24 2016


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