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Sky Omnirama

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The concept of a photographic panorama is simple enough - take a bunch of photos from the same point but at various angles, splice them together, and you get an unbroken view of the scenery. Unfortunately, the scene is polluted with junk - roads, buildings, electricity poles, mountains, and worst of all, people.

Therein lies the purpose of the omnirama. By positioning many towers capped with high resolution cameras, an unadulterated, (partly-)spherical image of the sky in all of its glory could be made. A computer would gather images from each outpost and composite them into one rotatable view. Add time-lapse for more fun.

Obviously, this wouldn't be able to cover the entire world, especially since most of it is water. However, a small-area lune shouldn't be too impractical.

rgovostes, May 21 2005




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