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stranger's photobooth (meet randoms)

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It a photobooth that has one extra interesting feature, it is networked to other photobooths around the world!

The idea is that for a small fee, a stranger sitting in a photobooth can contact a particular remote photobooth (or random one if you so wish). That remote photobooth if it has an occupant, will request if the user wants to talk to a stranger. If so, then a connection is established and they can talk.

You could also add a nice touch by allowing the connected users to take a photo together remotely, via the power of greenscreens! Just overlay them both! Maybe they can pretend to air kiss eachother etc...

mofosyne, Jul 21 2013


       So, in a corner of a shopping centre, you want to install cybersex-enabled photobooths with those little curtains that stop at the waist?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 21 2013

       That's how it reads, yes.   

       We think this will do well in Japan. When's the IPO ?
8th of 7, Jul 22 2013

       Why would you pay to go out in public and do this when you can stay at home and show strangers your willie for free on ChatRoulette?
ytk, Jul 22 2013

       I wonder if there is an equivalence to the Hitler theorem, on how most upcoming technologies is either quickly adopted by the porn industry or is already thought of.   

       E.g. Not too long after the announcement of Nintendo DS, Kinect, and Oculus Rift etc... do I hear of an announcement by some company wanting to make a "dating sim" for it.
mofosyne, Jul 22 2013


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