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Selfie Selfie

take selfie of self taking selfie
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When you take a selfie, the one thing you don't get to see is what you look like when you are taking a selfie. (ie ridiculous) That omission has now been solved with the availability of the Selfie, Selfie (see pic in link for easy understanding).

If this is not enough, then multiple Selfie Seflies can be attached to each other, building outwards like a tree of many branches. Of course multiple phones would be required, plus a degree of strength to support the extended weight being held at arm's length. Imagine being able to say "how do I look in my Selfie, Selfie, Selfies?"

xenzag, Sep 05 2015

Selfie selfie https://picasaweb.g...6191128224738236850
just add iPhones [xenzag, Sep 05 2015]

360 matrix selfie https://www.youtube...watch?v=XZcr3F5ee3Q
12 camera selfie video [Duck Lagrange, Sep 07 2015]

...with apologies to [xenzag] Zen_20Selfie
[hippo, Sep 07 2015]


       The nth selfie would be the self peeking out of the bush of display leaves. And a tree of used cellphones would make a good Wearable Arts entrant.
wjt, Sep 06 2015

       A simpler way to do this might involve standing in-between two full-length mirrors that are facing each other.
Vernon, Sep 06 2015

       //A simpler way to do this....// Ha. I was trying to create one of the most stupid ways.
xenzag, Sep 06 2015

       What [bigsleep] said.
blissmiss, Sep 06 2015

       Assuming that each camera has field of view of 30 degrees, a maximum of 12 cameras would be sufficient for any degree of recursion.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 06 2015

       The hexo+ automated drone has a 360 selfie feature preprogrammed in using the phone on the subject for a focal point.
Duck Lagrange, Sep 07 2015


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