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Sleep soundly as a circuit-board.
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A large alloy heat-sink fan (passive, with fins, not a motor driven one), with the base custom-moulded to suit the shape of the wearer's back.

Straps firmly around the waist and shoulders to ensure a good night's sleep (face-down, of course) on even the hottest nights.

m_Al_com, Jan 24 2007


       fins? Oh, those type of fins.
skinflaps, Jan 24 2007

       You know, those black alloy heat-sink fins that you attach to high-power transistors and stuff.   

       I'll render something up, if there's any demand.
m_Al_com, Jan 24 2007

       //safety hazard for anyone with long hair//   


       <scurries off to render>
m_Al_com, Jan 24 2007

       The noise keeps the girlie awake.
m_Al_com, Jan 25 2007


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