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For the competitive subconscious
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Contestants are nominated for the competition based on their renown for sleepwalking. At the competition arena, each contestant is put to bed with a pedometer and a comfort-fit EEG. (The EEG is used to ensure that sleepwalkers aren't faking their sleep.) During the night, judges in slippers silently track and record the activities of each contestant. The following morning, awards are made for distance traveled and for various categories of activity exhibited while asleep (danger, complexity, beauty, etc). Contestants are encouraged, the day before the competition, to eat, drink, or otherwise prepare in whichever way they expect to best promote their sleepwalking.
swimswim, Nov 18 2009

The Ambien Cookbook http://liz.vox.com/...mbien-cookbook.html
[bungston, Nov 18 2009]

Zolpidem http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zolpidem
You're welcome to it. [DrBob, Nov 19 2009]

Sleepwalking EEG http://www.ncbi.nlm...608/?tool=pmcentrez
Fig 3, p601 [shudderprose, Nov 19 2009]

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       Could be a whole new live reality TV format specifically targeted at insomniacs ...
8th of 7, Nov 18 2009

       This event could be sponsored by Ambien (see link).
bungston, Nov 18 2009

       I think what 8th were saying is that the live broadcast of these events is unlikely to happen during the day. +
shudderprose, Nov 18 2009

       I know of a fellow who engages in sleep-eating. Once it was a potted plant, but the most memorable one was the moldy tomato concoction in the aged container in the back of the refrigerator.
normzone, Nov 18 2009

       // unlikely to happen during the day //   

       Unless the programme for European transmission is filmed in Australia.
8th of 7, Nov 18 2009

       Bungston, thanks for the link. I followed up on that and elsewhere found that, //Use of the sleep aid zolpidem (sold under the brand name Ambien) has been associated with an increased likelihood to sleepwalk and sleep eat, as well as more complex behaviors such as sleep driving, sleep shopping, and sleep sex.//   

       If it will allow me to get my shopping and morning commute out of the way before waking up, then Ambien, here I come.
swimswim, Nov 19 2009

       21Q, how would someone fool the EEG? Can you easily fake sleep brainwave patterns? If so, I hereby dole out to you a lifetime ban from competing in the sleepwalk-a-thon.
swimswim, Nov 19 2009

       //has been associated with an increased likelihood to sleepwalk...//   

       Well of course. You're far less likely to sleepwalk when awake.
shudderprose, Nov 19 2009

       //Can you easily fake sleep brainwave patterns?//   

       No, but 21 might have a point. EEG's taken while sleepwalking aren't too dissimilar from an awake state, so you'd probably need a neurophysiologist in that team of judges. [link]
shudderprose, Nov 19 2009

       As an occasional sleepwalker, and therefore potential competitor, myself, I don't think that I would want my new 'sport' to be tarnished by the influence of drugs (zolpidem, alcohol and a good, ripe cheese being the most pernicious). We want a good, clean sport free of artificial aids.
DrBob, Nov 19 2009

       ...do the judges wear anything else besides slippers?...(just wondering) +
xandram, Nov 19 2009


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