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Sleeved Sleeping Bag

Oh so cosy.....
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You're tucked up for the night inside your tent. It's warm and cosy inside your sleeping bag, drawstring pulled tight around your neck to stop the cold evening draught. And then it happens......... twisted sleeping bag / itchy nose / torch still on / tent not fully zipped etc.... the list goes on and on. You try to put it off - but eventually you know you will have to take the plunge, and after several minutes of squirming, undo the bag and reach out in to the cold.

So - A simple solution - arms / sleeves built into the sleeping bag. This will allow for easy access to the outside world without any reason to let the cold evening into your cosy sleeping bag. Drawstrings at the wrist will allow the arm to be sealed from the inside.

night night

TopTim, May 10 2008

You know...for when you sleep shoot. http://www.surplusa...om/shopscr1753.html
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, May 11 2008]

Sleeping bag with arms http://images.googl...26rls%3Den%26sa%3DN
it's a nice idea, and that's why it's well baked [xenzag, May 11 2008]

this one has arms and legs built in dead_20Tauntaun_20sleeping_20bag
[jaksplat, May 13 2008]


       with pockets to tuck your hands in. +1
po, May 10 2008

       I love it.   

       It's also baked, [link]   

       Perfect for when you have to rub one out before going to sleep.
mylodon, May 11 2008

       If you incorporate trousers for the legs as you do the arms, you could also walk about without getting out of the sleeping bag, especially useful during the early morning hours when the need arises and bushes are near.
el dueno, May 11 2008

       Yes, nice idea, very baked .....
8th of 7, May 11 2008

       [marked-for-deletion] widely known to exist. I wore one of these a few months back. To be fair to [TopTim], they are an excellent invention, and most comfy...
theleopard, May 12 2008

       ...and not that *widely* known to exist.
po, May 12 2008

       I didn't know they existed but thanks for making me aware. Maybe I can get my wife to go camping with me.
bneal27, May 12 2008

       how sweet. I have an image now of man and wife in separate sleeping bags hugging each other.
po, May 12 2008

       Hm. My preferred image is man and wife in the *same* sleeping bag. Especially when I'm the man involved.
DrCurry, May 12 2008

       Can't 2 of those bags with arms be zipped together like normal ones? Great for couples and conjoined twins.
bneal27, May 12 2008

       DrCurry: That's fun until you actually try to go to sleep. Then it's just cramped.   

       Now, two compatible sleeping bags zipped together as one is a different story entirely...
Freefall, May 13 2008

       I don't get the attraction. I haven't zipped myself up in my sleeping bag in many years, and I probably spend at least one night per fortnight camping on average, probably many more. I use my sleeping bag like a doona - it's the best one around.   

       I just get claustrophobic if I zip myself up in a sleeping bag. I can't imagine how bad I'd lose my sh^t if it had sleeves and everything. Meh, whatever you're into I suppose.
Custardguts, May 13 2008

       Heavier and colder than a regular bag, and a lot more trouble to adjust the temperature of. I like to leave an arm out if I get too hot, or curl up if I get too cold. And it's baked.
baconbrain, May 13 2008


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