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Sleeping With The Washing

aka rotary clothes line mattress
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Sleeping With The Washing is the name given to a new inflatable mattress that you can carry with you in a small back pack.

Instead of being a long narrow shape (like a camping mattress), Sleeping With The Washing rolls out to become a torus form - a bit like a rounded, and nearly closed over capital letter C.

Once inflated, its purpose becomes clearer; that being to allow its well equipped owner to sleep with comparative comfort on the outstretched arms of the nearest rotary clothes line.

There are several advantages to sleeping on top of a rotary line. You are well above ground level, and thus totally clear of snails, ants, and other creeping, biting beasts. The padding offered by the mattress, supplemented by the springiness of the cable lines in the rotary, combine to make for a very comfortable bed. Being continuously curved also offers the perfect alignment for those who naturally already sleep in this position. As an added incidental advantage, the slight conical shape of the supporting lines ensures that the sleeper won't fall off.

Now the next time you are wandering home at 2.00am and stuck for a place to sleep, all you need do is find the nearest rotary clothes line, and pump up your Sleeping With The Washing rotary mattress.

xenzag, Jun 14 2013

Rotary clothes line http://www.greenerg..._images/FD88012.jpg
...... sans washing and mattress [xenzag, Jun 15 2013]




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