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Sliding tile wall calendar

Low tech and permanent.
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Rotten old calendars, hanging on the wall, misleading a person. Time flies faster and faster and suddenly your wall calendar is 2 years old. Wouldnt it be great if you never had to replace it?

The Sliding Tile Wall calendar is a handsome and functional device meant to be installed in a permanent location. Each month is represented by square faux-ivory tiles in grooves, each carrying a number. Using a clever system of wires and pulleys concealed in the (thick) body of this calendar, one need only slide January first to the correct day of the week, and all the subsequent months slide into place. The first week in January is marked to show where the first of the year should fall for every year between now and 2121.

No more electronic crap which shorts out at the first leaky ceiling. No more tattered calendars which are 12 years old but still posted because of that month's Ridgid girl. The Sliding Tile Wall calendar is the perfect and durable gift for your family member who still drives the car he bought in college, and still fits into the tux he got married in.

bungston, Sep 26 2005

Perpetual Calendar http://www.amazon.c...8&v=glance&n=284507
This thing here is that thing you described. [migennes, Mar 03 2006]


       I envision this as something akin to those silly hand held tile moving games that suck. But on a large scale, and your tiles could be beautiful, modernistic, goth, or simply a digital read out, I think it would be awesome.   

       bung, I think this is great! Add tiny tiles, so that you could place the crap you have to remember that day, and I might not have to tote around my ratty daily planner.   

       It could be asthetic, as well as functional.
blissmiss, Sep 27 2005

       My mother has one of these. It includes extra tiles if you want to replace someone's birthdate with a cake picture, or Christmas with a Christmas tree picture, or Valentine's Day with a heart, etc.   

       Link goes to a lighthouse perpetual calendar, but there are many more varieties available, usually in "country cottage"-type knick-knack stores.
migennes, Mar 03 2006


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