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Zombie Jesus Advent Calendar

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This advent calendar looks, on 30 November, like any other advent calendar: a bright, child-friendly and most likely secularly festive image adorns the front. Cut into this image are 24 squares, perforated on three sides, behind which lie either chocolate treats or some Christmas related-image. So far, so typical.

But on 1 December, your materialistic little tyke will discover that this advent calendar is not a typical advent calendar, for the interior of the calendar holds an image, the lines of which match up with those of the front-image. This door-by-door, day-by-day revealed interior image is, depending on your attitude to Christmas at the time you bought the calendar, either a vile, rotting-flesh corruption of the front-image, or a beautiful, uplifting version of same, suggestive of the spiritual wholesomeness that lies within us all, or, of course, both.

calum, Dec 13 2011

http://balletnews.c...0/09/Bruce-Tess.jpg [calum, Dec 13 2011]


       I was just recently trying to think of a list of famous zombies. Jesus was obviously on it, and there were a couple of others I've since forgotten.
Loris, Dec 13 2011

       Bruce Forsyth. Actually, that gives me an idea for a cross-marketing range: front image is Tess Daly, with her northern vowels, looking every inch the glam cadaver, interior image is a candid telephoto snap of Sir BF, asleep, mouth gaping, in his home, each advent day a step towards a blocky and disturbing commingling of the two.   

       [With apologies to the halfbakers not familiar with British television light entertainment].   

       Equally, you could have the left and right panels of the Garden of Earthly Delights in whatever front or back configuration tickles your wick.
calum, Dec 13 2011

       I'm seeing "The Advent Calendar of Dorian Gray".
zen_tom, Dec 13 2011

       //famous zombies//   

       Michael Jackson? Margaret Thatcher? Nicholas Cage?
RayfordSteele, Dec 14 2011

       The sad thing is that I can't remember. Michael Jackson was on there I'm sure.   

       Possibly Elvis.
Loris, Jan 14 2012


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