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Sloth In A Box

with cloth sloth
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Exactly the same as a standard harlequin-patterned jack-in-the-box, except that when the box is opened (by whatever mechanism is bestest), rather than a bignosed clown, nothing pops up and wobbles at yer because the sloth inside is having a good auld kip.
calum, Jun 04 2009

The LeaveMeAloneBox http://www.youtube....watch?v=RMGJB410Ccs
[fridge duck, Jun 04 2009]

Bagpuss yawning... http://www.youtube....=GKcExMa0Dhk#t=2m0s
(Bagpuss was a UK kids tv program, made in 1974) [Jinbish, Jun 04 2009]

Sometimes slothful... http://www.youtube....watch?v=WhwbxEfy7fg
[daseva, Jun 04 2009]

Hey you guys! http://jeffblind.co...ow-021108-sloth.jpg
Can't believe I didn't think of this earlier... [Jinbish, Jun 05 2009]

"Most sloths have difficulty surviving when in captivity outside of their natural range because they cannot fight off new diseases or adapt to a colder climate." http://www.sloth-world.org/
I find that there's something strangely comforting about the existence of a web site called "Sloth World". [DrBob, Jun 05 2009]

Bough-in-a -box http://img30.images...844/boughinabox.jpg
[zen_tom, Jun 05 2009]


       Brilliant +
blissmiss, Jun 04 2009

       Throw in a Bagpuss-esque yawn too.
Jinbish, Jun 04 2009

       well as long as the lid doesn't pop open +, as that is the part of the process that unravels me.
dentworth, Jun 04 2009

       Jack.... hello! - Oh never mind, the moment has passed - again! +
xenzag, Jun 04 2009

       Maybe he could "pop" out reaaaally slowly in his little harlequin jammies.
nomocrow, Jun 04 2009

       You should get Justin Timberlake to help market it. <linky>
daseva, Jun 04 2009

       Sloth + anything = awesome!
simonj, Jun 04 2009

       And then there are the six follow-on products: Envy in a box, gluttony in a box...and my personal favourite Lust in a box.
coprocephalous, Jun 05 2009

       Gluttony: a cake on a spring
Greed: a $-labelled bag, bobbing and weaving from your grasp
Wrath: a boxing glove, to wallop you in the pus, Warner Bros style
Envy: um, Iago?
Pride: a mirror
Lust: daseva's link, I think!
calum, Jun 05 2009

       Can I have a moth in a box please?   

       When you open the lid, a milky moon is suspended above the cavity, around which the pet moth is encouraged to flit.   

       Later, it might be cool to insinuate Robert Smith into a box and see how that turns out.
zen_tom, Jun 05 2009

       Also in this box, is there a glass vial of cyanide which will be broken by a mechanism triggered by the decay of a radioactive isotope which has a 50% probability of decaying within time T?
hippo, Jun 05 2009


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