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Slow school

School that is more incremental
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Some subjects are difficult to learn, such as mathematics.

I propose a slow school which is a curriculum which is drawn out to take longer. Every thing is split into a more manageable learning rate, so you can take time to learn and truly understand the material.

The exams should cover old material again to make sure you truly remember and have learned what you were meant to.

chronological, Jul 01 2020


       [kdf]; it seems to be a peculiarity of english-speaking countries to not (as a matter of course) teach other languages from an early age. Where-as in Europe, Africa, the Middle East (not to familiar with Asia...), multi-lingual is the norm.
neutrinos_shadow, Jul 02 2020

       // WKTE for many subject areas //   

       Is this what is known as remediation classes? It seems that most schools already employ this concept, which proves how valuable this bun is!
tumblewit, Jul 03 2020

       Doesn't a baby randomly piece information together on the fly? No incremental steps, just easy and hard information bunched together to be worked out by the subconscious as clues come along.
wjt, Jul 08 2020


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