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Small Business Incubator

Using years of valuable skills and experience.
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Anyone with a couple of extra hours on their hands, from the unemployed to bored teenagers to the retired, and a desire to do something constructive while possibly even earning a few extra dollars will appreciate the Small Business Incubator web site, specializing in micro-companies.

The goal of this Small Business Incubator web site is to create jobs and (micro)companies. Combine the match making skills of software similar to eharm*ny.c*m; guidance of the Small Business Administration; Governments, both state and federal, to provide cheap standard incorporation status and cut through red tape -- In other words, reduce the barriers the government puts up in the first place; sprinkle a small amount of Venture Capital (not necessary); And, most importantly, the talent and drive of the people.

Web Site. The secure web site is the glue and the incubator, essentially a database and information/support center, that should be a financially self-sustaining nonprofit organization. The only source of income, 2% of the shares from each company created, to keep the site going. Again this information will be retained on a highly secure system with extremely limited access.

A few major surveys need to be completed by interested people. These surveys will determine an individual's skills, talents, interest, personality/character, background check (these would be actual companies and money will be involved) and location. Companies can be created in two ways from this information.

Companies. Two possible ways to join or create a company - by openings or by proposal. The proposal version: a person with an idea for a good or service would place an "ad" within the web site to meet other people interested and the positions available. A compatible team with the skills and labor needed to create and operate the company is thus formed.

The opening version: a person can browse the web site list of openings available, a filter using the database and compatibility software would be used to show only openings where both parties are compatible. Individuals would be limited to joining one or two companies.

A micro-company, as the name suggests, is simply a small company. Essentially a part time company with the potential for growth determined by the owner's time, creativity, and effort. The web site would specialize in these. A version of the site could be extremely beneficial in third world countries where people have limited access to the net and have little or no disposable income, but allow people to form organized companies and perhaps allow them to increase their wealth through contacts made worldwide.

Multi Level Marketing and other marketing schemes and its purveyors can be prohibited from the web site (background check), or placed in a separate area of the web site.

Money. Each company would have to hold their own meetings, conference calls or net conferences, and determine the financial outlays at the formation of the company. Several generic outlines and contracts will be available through the site. Obviously, the "pay" would be shares. Also the financial outlays/inputs and strategic goals of the company has to be in writing and fully understood by everyone involved prior to any considerable effort being placed into the company.

Guidance. The Small Business Administration and several web sites offer great advice on starting companies and troubleshooting. The Small business Incubator web site can offer help in also. A summery for many of the main challenges and directions should be provided first, then offer the additional more detailed help through links. Tax and legal aspects to be done by professionals asked to join the companies from the outset; if the company desires not to utilize professionals in these areas some advice could be offered through the web site too.

There are many retired and unemployed people with years of valuable skills and experience. While many are not interested in putting in 100% the time and emotional effort into a company, a micro-company would suit them just fine. Let's use the experience and talent, everyone wins.

zatom113, Jun 25 2004

Service Corps of Retired Executives http://www.score.org/
This organization also uses "experience and talent" of retired people. I don't know if they have a clearing house like you describe. [robinism, Oct 04 2004]

Virginia's (U.S.A.) Center for Innovative Technology http://www.cit.org/small_biz-04.asp
Tech specific, but in line with what you're talking about. [phoenix, Oct 04 2004]

A Biotech Incubator http://www.niduscenter.com/
An organization that helps biotech startups get off the ground [kevindimie, Oct 04 2004]

Ecological business starter http://www.ecostructure.us
Free ecological business coaching [subflower, Aug 29 2005]


       Okay, I skimmed it, but really didn't have the energy to absorb the specifics. It's called the "Small Business Administration," and can be found, wasting my tax dollars, at sba.gov   

       You reference it in your idea, but believe me - - the SBA is there to furnish all the advantages an upstart company needs. 8(a) status, set-aside programs, free lectures and compensated mentoring partnerships with large businesses . . .   

       I'm won't try to [m-f-d] it as baked/widely-known-to-exist, but it certainly is a "let's all" judging by the insanely massive amount of money the SBA charges the taxpayers for the service of forcing government and other organizations to utilize inept businesses. [-] "Start your company your damned self."
contracts, Jun 26 2004

       All but the most dysfunctional countries have similar systems. Google 'Yozma / incubator / technology' for some best-practice examples.
ConsulFlaminicus, Jun 27 2004

       It's a good idea, but there are also oodles of private ventures and private-public cooperative arrangements that do this sort of thing.
kevindimie, Jun 29 2004

       Yes, there are a million places, web/books/magazines/school, on how to start and run a business.   

       Need to stress the idea better --- using the Internet to MATCH, reference eharmony.c*m, people with similar or complementary personalities, helping small companies to fill missing skills and positions using match filter, and being provided a small amount of guidance.   

       It should go without saying, the better people work together the lower the failure rate. Quick example. Had a coworker who started a business with a friend installing wood flooring. He quit a good job. After four months, the business ended up falling apart, because the two of them had completely different work ethics. The coworker lost 8 years of hard earned benefits, and a bit of dignity. Can a few questions to ensure compatibly and some simple guidance prevent this from happening to others?   

       Did a little searching and I have not found a single idea or site that matched this concept. Obviously, with 6 billion people living on the planet, the majority of my ideas have been thought of and probably written about.   

       Also, the idea is to remove government as much as possible --- A non profit company (a bit more trust worthy?)... financed through a small 2% ownership of all companies formed. Government to remove barriers to entry...
zatom113, Jun 29 2004

       SBA is complete CRAP, useless and marginal excuse for the big contract recipients to exist.
subflower, Aug 29 2005

       None profit, but 2% of the shares of every company? That sounds like a very profitable business to me, considering all you're doing is acting as a bridge between investors and small potential business owners, as well as helping them fill out some forms.
William II, Jun 30 2010


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