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why should plastic trees have all the fun?
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Everyone knows pets lower stress in the workplace; Check the mosty recent Readers' Digest and come back to me if unsure. However, no one wants likkle Fido snooping through their stashes of Junior Mints. Cubicles offer noplace for canines to do their business. Alergies, ood smells, unidentfiable mounds of something that must've seen at least two orifices... icky, all of it. So, we offer these rental dog sculptures. How does this differ from a plastic sculpture? Rent-a-Dog model 2.1 comes with drink trays, built-in whiteboard, and authentic fur from the breed of your choice. It comes with several prerecorded sayings such as "woof," "arf," and "warf." Also featured in v2.2 (coming soon) is a fully-articulated tail and a textured, self-lubricating tongue. Available from a SharperImage near you.
eat the damn crayon, Oct 25 2001

Try this. http://www.aibo.com/ers_210/
[angel, Oct 25 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Dog on Wheels http://berlinbear.c...ttsandmongrels.html
Down a bit - search for "Molly" [pottedstu, Oct 25 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Other Dog on Wheels http://www.jeepster...hy/JPRS001art.shtml
Also very nice and cute (to listen to). [pottedstu, Oct 25 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       // likkle Fido //   

       What kind of keyboard are you using? The "k" key is nowhere near the "t" key on mine.
snarfyguy, Oct 25 2001

       Can you take it for a walk? Or a drag, like the Guide Dogs for the Blind statues (or cats for that matter).
bluerowan, Oct 25 2001

       [snarfyguy], I think that ETDC was trying to be "cutesy".
Mayfly, Oct 25 2001

       The idea of a toy dog you can take for a walk seems to be at least 74 years old, with the child's toy dog-on-wheels. Damn good fun, I'm sure, but you might look a bit silly pulling it if you were older than 3 or 4.
pottedstu, Oct 25 2001

       Not that the Halfbakery is against enabling people to look silly, of course.
hello_c, Oct 25 2001

       If I may, a confession: I at no point in time considered this even a remotely witty idea. This is somewhere inbetween 'trolling' and spamming. ETDC
eat the damn crayon, Oct 25 2001

       If I may, a confession: I figured that from the name. You seem to be off to a similar start as myself.
AfroAssault, Oct 26 2001

       If you're going to bother with something like that, why not just get something cool like an office gnome. It'd be cheaper than this monstrosity you've put before us with its realistic fur, self-lubricating tongue etc. Still, the idea of some cute statue in an office is somewhat appealing, so I'll refrain from fishboning you.
Jezzie, May 27 2003

       Yes, the office gnome would be exactly like a garden gnome. As I look at it, this would be a plus. Instead of having to commission someone to make this dog thing (which, with all of it's features, I can't help but think would be kind of expensive), you could just go out and pick up good quality garden gnome for < $50
Jezzie, May 30 2003


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