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Device will mute TV when commercial comes up
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a small device that will mute the tube, when commercial comes up, and unmute when the movie comes back on. Perfect, when you are tired of hearing crappy, loud, obnoxious TV commercials.
romanmar, Nov 29 2006


       I'd really like to see a "partial mute" button that dropped the sound level to whatever you set it to be.   

       I wonder why no one has put commercials in books yet.
Zimmy, Nov 29 2006

       SonicBlue(sp?) which created ReplayTV (competitor to TIVO) got sued for detecting and skipping commercials in recorded playback. My brother had one and it detected commercials fairly well although I don't know if it needed to be recorded already to detect (like if it measured time between screen blackouts).
craigts, Nov 29 2006

       Speech recognition: "INTRODUCING THE ALL-NEW H---------" [mute]
phundug, Dec 04 2006

       Corporations would deem this illegal. All those wasted advertising dollars!
twitch, Dec 04 2006

       Commercials are designed catch you off guard. They never have an exact set time as to when they are going to come on. Otherwise everyone would just put a kitchen timer on top of the TV and could anticipate when a commercial break was comming.
Jscotty, Dec 04 2006


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