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TiVo Babelfish

Watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles...in Swahili!
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Equip TiVo with voice recognition software - and a pretty good sized language dictionary - and give it the capabilities of translating whatever is being said into another language (the reason I picked TiVo is because you could watch it at a later time, AFTER it manages to translate the show). This could range from subtitles in German to Stephen Hawking-esque voices speaking Italian instead of the normal characters' voices. Obviously, since it would take after Babelfish, it wouldn't correct grammar and wouldn't be correct.
But now the clincher--combine this ability with the Joke Cross Compiler idea- translate it to a different language, possibly another, then BACK to English. Now try watching Fight Club!
"Myself am aware it, also Tyler am aware it."
I know voice recognition isn't anywhere near perfect yet, but I still love the thought of this.
AfroAssault, May 25 2002

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       Or, using the digital capabilities of todays television broadcast, you could send many sound signals at once, with the user choosing which one they want.
[ sctld ], May 25 2002

       I take it the translated voice would be computer generated. That would probably get boring after a while.
phoenix, May 25 2002

       Some TV channels almost actually do this. You can press the 'language' button on the remote, which definitely works for DVD. You get real voice actors synching up. It definitely makes dumb sitcoms more entertaining to have one char talking in spanish and the other in french! so thI think you can do this with basic cable?!
thisispeterstanley, May 26 2007


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