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SmartTune™ Music Player

Now your car has background music!
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The problem with reality is that there is no background music. Therefore, the SmartTune™ Music Player is a device for your car that automatically selects the type/style of music based on the type of driving that you are doing and the scenery of where you are.

So for instance if you are driving 50MPH+ through the back roads in a rural area, you might get bluegrass music playing through the system or if you are cruising slowly through the city, you might get some slow smooth 70's funk. If you are late for work and you are weaving in and out of traffic the system will start playing something from a fast action high paced movie or if you are just simply going down the interstate at 80MPH in the middle of the day you might hear an instrumental rendition of "Born to Be Wild"

Jscotty, Dec 21 2007

Fatal Auto Collision Song Fatal_20Auto_20Collision_20Song
[ldischler, Dec 23 2007]

Roadtrip Soundtrack Radio Road_20Trip_20Soundtrack_20Radio
This idea, plus infrastructure [elhigh, Dec 24 2007]


Spacecoyote, Dec 23 2007

       Hmmmmm .... GPS + large hard drive + not very clever software app ..... bakeable, certianly. Not magic at all.   

       But why ? Most people choose radio or CD/mp3 music to suit their mood.   

       Neutral vote.
8th of 7, Dec 23 2007

elhigh, Dec 24 2007


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