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Sound-effects for Driving

Appropriate sound-effects to play while you drive.
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I've always wanted a casette tape of car-chase sounds to play while I drive...squealing tires, sirens, crunching metal...you get the idea.

I'm sure there are other appropriate sound-effects as well.

drzeus, Apr 26 2002


       when I was a kid I had a little hand held device that made various car noises, although I do not recall the squealing tires (tyres). It drove my parents insane. You could pick the appropriate noise for the moment.
rbl, Apr 26 2002

       oh please stop me saying something, anything about rbl's little hand-held device, oh please stop me....
po, Apr 26 2002

       <sulks>over to my crummy homepage</sulks>
thumbwax, Apr 26 2002

       yours is the best, oh twinkley one.
po, Apr 26 2002

       I usually make those noises myself...
rapid transit, May 22 2003

       drzeus, well ther ya go, just record rapid transit's commute. next?
kissing bandit, Sep 18 2003


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