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Smart Radio

Edits out unwanted banter, ads, etc.
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The last thing I want to hear while I'm stuck in rush-hour traffic is "Bill and Marty's Wacky Morning Zoo". All I want is music.

There are lots of smart VCR's on the market that will edit out ads while recording from TV; I propose the radio equivalent, except I'd want the editing in (close to) real-time.

I guess that means buffering the incoming radio, and only playing back the music-y bits. (That works fine during winter, when the car is warming up for five minutes, but what can we do during the summer?)

This has plenty of applications beyond cars: basically anywhere that there's piped-in music... Waiting rooms, elevators, while on hold on the phone...

I'm sure the Muzak people wouldn't like this, but how 'bout the rest of the music-loving world?

MrWrong, Aug 20 2001

Idea for aliens http://www.brightid...AF6EB96}&bucket_id=
[LoriZ, Aug 20 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

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       //'what can we do during the summer'//
You want a music scanner. When your first choice station starts running ads, your radio detects the not-music and starts scanning.
angel, Aug 21 2001

       [waugsqueke] XMRadio looks *awesome*. Too bad I'm in Canada...   

       [angel] Not a bad idea. Of course, there's only one local music station I ever listen to, but that's my fault, not the radio's.
MrWrong, Aug 21 2001

       I've seen a facility on car radios which changes the channel to wherever the traffic news is on. Same principle maybe. I definitely agree that radio ads are worth avoiding at all costs - they make me lose my faith in humankind.
stupop, Aug 22 2001

       [stupop]: That's part of the RDS / EON function. It over-rides the cassette / CD as well. I like it, especially as you can switch it off.
angel, Aug 22 2001

       I've been thinking about this. What is needed is a radio equivalent of the TiVo video recording device. It records programmes you might want to hear while the car is parked up, and can play them back while you're driving. Because it's only audio, even for stereo 22kHz, with decent compression the hard drive doesn't need to be that big.   

       The most important feature is an automatic detector system that edits out every broadcast of "The Archers". If you're from outside the UK and you don't know what "The Archers" is, then fall on your knees and think about how blessed you are.
8th of 7, Sep 05 2002


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