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Song Detection with Volume Control

Detects favorite/hated songs and adjusts volume accordingly.
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You know the cliched event: "I love this song! Turn it up!"?

This device, built into the system, can be programmed to detect your favorite songs off the radio, or on CD, cassette, etc. and automatically turn up the volume.

It can also be used to lower volume, skip tracks or change stations when a song you don't like starts playing.

mrkillboy, Jul 08 2000

XMLTV http://www.halfbakery.com/idea/XMLTV
Sounds like it's time for XMLRadio... [egnor, Jul 08 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Many CD players can be programmed to skip songs, although I've never grown familiar enough with this feature to actually use it. (A single button with a little skull-and-crossbones symbol would work for me.)   

       I'd like a radio that monitors all stations and switches (or suggests switching) to one that plays a song I long to hear.
jutta, Jul 08 2000

       Does anyone remember eachmovie.com (now dead). You rated about 20 films to start and all films you saw after that. Based on your ratings and the ratings of others, it would give you its best guess of what you would think of a film.   

       This could work with a radio where, when a song is playing, you push a rating button, the rating is stored against your profile and used as part of the algorithm of who to pay the song to (if at all).
st3f, Apr 20 2001

       st3f, uncle nutsy turned me on to www.moviecritic.com which appears to do what eachmovie.com sounds like it did.
gnormal, Apr 20 2001

       A good idea. Though you could extend it to an algorithm which detects entire genres, styles or producers' sounds. You could then have something which automatically blocks out anything that's, say, Country and Western, or boy-band R&B.   

       If one put that into a set of noise-cancelling headphones, it would make a much-needed neutraliser for piped music, such as the sort heard in supermarkets and railway stations.   

       I sense a great need.
acb, Apr 20 2001

       glad i found this, i was about to post essentially the same idea (due to Don Henley on the radio). my suggestion was going to be that the radio store the introductions of crappy songs in mp3 format for comparison to the radio songs. this could also be used to turn up good songs (i didn't think of that bit). i would love this as my local radio station plays too much Peter Gabriel as well as the nasty mr Henley. +
stilgar, Jul 18 2004

       www.pandora.com does that for music.
flowblok, Sep 28 2006


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