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Smash-up Derby radio

A radio that comes apart and goes back together
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I like breaking stuff. Especially when I'm angry. At least two or three times a week something I hear on the radio pisses me off and I really, really want to break the radio. However, as much as I want to throw it against the nearest wall and stomp on the pieces, I know that it would alienate me from my co-workers and reduce my chances of advancement here in the post office. Plus I'd probably have to replace the damn thing. What I need is a radio that's designed to fly into little bits when you throw it against the wall and built to survive a good, thorough stomping. I'm envisioning a radio made out of a bunch of indestructable, snap-together pieces which come apart on impact like a smash-up derby car. That way you could put it back together and reassure your frightened co-workers by saying stuff like: "Don't worry. You see, It's DESIGNED for this kind of abuse. Perfectly normal really. Naturally I was just testing it out..." That would be cool. A version for my van would be awesome too.
bilharzia, Jan 14 2001


       As a frightened co-worker I doubt I would be reassured by the fact that you own something like this presumably because you can not control your temper enough not to break things.
blahginger, Jan 14 2001

       blahginger: I don't know about that; the real test is whether he can pick up and smash the right radio [I've seen many people whose offices have various smash-it, wham-it, or other devices, and I figure that directed rage is better than undirected rage.
supercat, Jan 14 2001

       Do you really work at the Post Office? Do they put aggression-enhancing drugs in the water supply there, or what?
egnor, Jan 15 2001

       I generally avoid flying into fits of rage, but I'd REALLY love to see a smash-up monitor. Man, some days I'd just LOVE to put a fist through this cursed thing... staring at me all blithely, knowing that I'm just not small enough to get in there and fix it myself... grinning... with it's bland white eye... mocking me... just one big BASH! and pseudo-debris goes flying all over the place. man, I'd pay big time for this...
absterge, Jan 15 2001

       Real-life stress eliminators. I like it.
phoenix, Dec 06 2001

       My M$ mouse does this when it accidently falls of the table. Its a lemming, really.
kwackers, Sep 22 2002

       [bilharzia] obtained a user account on Jan 14 2001, created this idea, and was never heard from again.   

       This milk carton eulogy is brought to you courtesy of the random button.
normzone, Sep 23 2016


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