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Smart Text Searching

This has to be done already... Anyone know?
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This is an idea for a method of doing research on a web browser.

Currently, I can highlight a row of text and right click and it will allow me to search that text in google. I love this feature but sometimes there are words I don't want in my search in between words that I do.

I want to be able to highlight longer pieces of text and the browser will pop up a list of combinations that probably narrow down the search for me. I choose from the list and move forward. The complete highlight option is always available... somehow...

daseva, May 03 2012

If theys were snakes yud be bit... http://www.seomoz.o...e-search-parameters
...bit romney, sees whut I did thar. That's puns y'all [4whom, May 03 2012]

and now for something completely different, http://www.googlegu...nced_operators.html
Although massively similar in intent and execution. [4whom, May 03 2012]


       MFD? (Apparently not so widely-known-to-exist)?
UnaBubba, May 03 2012

       Of course, if you are too half arsed to use either of the links (or the knowledge contained therein), with ya hi-faluting copy pasta. Than fuckyall...
4whom, May 03 2012

       Please step away from the bar, sir.
UnaBubba, May 03 2012

       Yeshir, it hash, ave you so cerrectly pointed out, been set far too low...
4whom, May 03 2012

       Always a Tea's Made; Never a tease?
UnaBubba, May 03 2012

       All revelry aside, links have not proven my idea to be baked. That all sounds very cumbersome and tiring. I want point and click searching that can provide instant search options for a group of highlighted text. I want the computer to work for *me*.
daseva, May 04 2012

       I don't understand how the browser would pick which words to remove. Do you just want iterations over everything? You highlight a b c d, the browser offers you a menu:
a b c d
a c d
a b d
a d
(Assuming that if you wanted either of a or d omitted, you could have just not selected them.)

       In practice, search engines are getting good at leaving out stuff as people are getting worse at removing it before the query. Also in practice, to me, just typing the search query I mean in another window would be a lot faster than highlighting and moving the mouse to hit the specific subquery I want.
jutta, May 04 2012

       I want to highlight that entire paragraph you just wrote and get a list of major combinations, yes. Trivial words would be left out so:
highlight search query
search engines people practice
highlight mouse subquery

       So I can get interesting permutations to investigate the present idea... Recursive logic much? ;)
daseva, May 05 2012


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