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Social community of search results
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See peoples search queries, similar to Answers.com or other fora, but with USearch you cannot add comments, only a single link as the best answer to the search requested.

Administrators will roam the results and prune out SEO junk. It will be at least as popular as wikipedia, because it won't have any ads, except its plea to public funding (at least until it will be bought up by either google or M$.)

pashute, Mar 25 2015

It could be paired with an old idea of mine... answer mining addon Answer mining google addon
[pashute, Mar 25 2015]


       So when you search for "helium balloon flying" you get the following:   

       helium, oxygen, hydrogen, gas,
airship, blimp, hot-air balloon, zeppelin, RC toys, aircraft
cluster balloons, lawn-chair flying
gravity, thermodynamics

       If paired with "answer mining" you would also get:
* [Lowest prices for helium balloons] (Answer mining page) * [Videos of flying helium balloons] (Answer mining page) * [www.clusterballoons.com] - flying with many small balloons [v] images | [v] videos | [v] text instructions about flying with many small balloons <image>
pashute, Jun 09 2015

       Google used to have a feature like this called Searchwiki. I think it fell victim to their focusing-on- mainstream-products effort, like Sets, Charts, Image Labeler, etc.
notexactly, Jun 14 2015


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