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Self-back scratcher

Hangs on wall, filled w/oil/lotion.
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You rub your back on it and in winter it would be ooooo, aaaaaaahhhhhhh. For those w/o significant other live-in, or SOLI w/o fingernails. Much like Cattle oilers seen on farms.
marriedaswede, Oct 31 2001


       Yes, we have no rutabagas today.
Those cattle oilers are kinky.
thumbwax, Oct 31 2001

       Unfit for export but OK for Australians?
hippo, Oct 31 2001

       I hate it when that happens.
thumbwax, Oct 31 2001

       Get a tree (see Disney's cartoon version of Jungle Book).
DrBob, Oct 31 2001

       OK for Aussies cause they don't want to be exported either?
bobzaguy, Nov 03 2001


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