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Self-Cleaning Sink

Never Clean Your Sink Again
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So, we all hate cleaning our sinks. And the sink in the bathroom has got to be the dirtiest sink in any home. I mean all that poo gas, and body hair, and toothpaste residue, it's gross. So, why not have a sink that cleans itself, automaticly.

The sink face will be set at an angle, with a tray at the bottom that comes out when the cleaning is set to take place, then little jets at the top of the sink will shoot out jets of bleach, then water and will be collected in the tray and dumped down the drain. And all this will be set on a timer. Below the jets, there will be a rag holder that will dry the sink face a couple of times after cleaning.

Also the drain itself will have sensors to see if it's clogged or not, if it ges clogged, Drano will be fed through a side tube into the drain to clean it then water will automaticly be poured into the drain to help clean. Like I said never clean your sink again, and if you don't now, gross.

simpleboxcarbaby, Jun 30 2005


       Or just coat the sink with Teflon and dirt will slide down the drain.
drzeus, Jun 30 2005

       You seem to have a major sink issue, [Simple]. Are you sure you read the Instructions for Use correctly?
Basepair, Jun 30 2005

       what if i was washing my hair and the bleach fell on me. could i sue you?
mike743, Jun 30 2005

       Not with that capitalisation. I'm tempted to sue you for the pain and suffering it causes me.
Texticle, Jul 01 2005

       Okay, I just noticed that improper capitalization can actually cause suffering. That was one of the most painful sentences I've ever read.
-----, Jul 01 2005

       What the hell is poo gas?
benindubai, Jul 01 2005

       More to the point, why is it in the sink?
angel, Jul 01 2005


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