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Workday workout

Resistance or weight based device worn during your daily routine.
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My idea, which probably was thought of before, though I could not find it, consists of a series of devices you can wear on your arms & legs, which would essentially increase the resistance and calories burned during everyday taks.

I given the idea reading about atheletes training in lower gravity (in space) would have lesser muscle tone.. if we could take the to the opposite, we could increase muscle tone and give someone that added boost during an event after the devices were removed. sort of like runners who i've seen training for speed events by wearing a small parachute which increase resitance and to be more powerful with the parachute removed.

I was thinking of 2 possible routes to go with this idea either: 1) Weight based: Sleeves that could be worn on the upper arms or lower legs with thin weights that could be added. in the winter or under workout clothes they would not be noticible. Admittedly this is similar to standard ankle or wrist weights which are out now, but they would be designed to be worn under clothes during someone's daily routine.


2) Resistance based:a second harder to create idea would be to create a device that would increase resistance at joints. a stiffer sleeve over knees or shoulders which would make bending them more of a workout. This can be achived by using various strengths of elastic, or a more interactive device which would incorporate tubes which could be inflated for more resistance with a pnumatic type of device.... This would enable you to add resitance could be added with a few pumps like an inflatible cast...

Ah well, just an idea.. problems I can think of would be health concerns of screwing up your joints with the added stress of either more weight or resistance.

Aluy, Mar 03 2003

Wearable Weights http://fitpro.bodytrends.com/elmwts.htm
...are pretty baked. These look like they'll fit under clothing pretty well. [DrCurry, Oct 04 2004]

Hidden Exercisers http://www.halfbake...Hidden_20Exercisers
Different idea in a similar vein. [DrBob, Oct 04 2004]


       This is a good idea. I've sort of done it already as in the last year I've added extra weight around my waist, thighs and chest. Doesn't seem to be improving my muscle tone, though.
egbert, Mar 03 2003

       Curry, reread the third paragraph.
waugsqueke, Mar 03 2003

       The author points out that these differ from "standard ankle or wrist weights which are out now". So you find a link to those and declare this baked.
waugsqueke, Mar 03 2003

       Er, no, I said that *wearable weights* are pretty Baked. And, in any case, if you keep looking, you'll find plenty of such weights that fit under loose clothing.
DrCurry, Mar 03 2003

       Best way I've seen of increasing resistance, and hence exercise, is to do your normal routine underwater. Well, not completely underwater, unless you're Flipper.
dalek, Mar 03 2003

       Does a laptop count?
bristolz, Mar 03 2003

       Does it fit under your sleeve?
DrCurry, Mar 03 2003

       How about going to the extreme and using ingestible weights? Like those magnets they feed cows to collect ingested metal. Or maybe a chrome plated lead olisbos?
pluterday, Mar 03 2003

       define "sleeve"
bristolz, Mar 03 2003

       [bliss] Canned beans as an olisbos? Heavens!
pluterday, Mar 03 2003

       maaaaybe small cans of beans... ... maybe
Aluy, Mar 03 2003

       Step 1: open can   

       Step 2: eat beans   

       A bit more comfortable than miss bliss's method, while still carrying the weight.
Worldgineer, Mar 04 2003

       Arthur C. Clarke in Imperial Earth specified that his protagonist used something like this before his trip to Earth from his home on Titan. But it is far from a major plot point. (On the other hand it is evidence of the insane packrattery of my brain. I think I read that book in the 1970s.)
Galbinus_Caeli, Jun 22 2007


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