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Smarter Shot Glass

Keeps track of how many shots you have ever taken
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The Smarter Shot Glass would have a simple sensor built into its side to detect when the glass is filled with alcohol. A small watch battery powers the LED and reports the shot count. On the bottom of the glass could be placed a reset/suspend count switch.

The shot count feature could be a fun party toy and help you estimate the damage that you've done to your liver.

thebigo195, Nov 13 2005

Flashing dice LEDs, sound effects http://glowproducts...shingdiceshotglass/
Seems like this kind of thing is entirely within reach of the existing market. These, made in china, retail for about $2. [jutta, Nov 14 2005]

Dental Implant Dental_20Implant_20and_20Report
Kinda like that. [Letsbuildafort, Nov 15 2005]


jutta, Nov 13 2005

       A few months ago, I came across a shot glass that lit up everytime you lifted it, and played a cheeesy melody everytime you tipped it to take the shot...who the hell needs this type of entertainment when taking shots?
shinobi, Nov 13 2005

       You probably don't care, then.
daseva, Nov 14 2005

       I can't right off think of a sensor that would easily work. (Probably too many tequilas).   

       What would work easily is a twisting counter affixed to the bottom of the shot glass. You turn it to track the shot count.   

       It could start out with green numbers, say 1 through 5, switching to yellow from 6 to 10 (indicating to the shooter that driving is unadvisable), and then going to red from 11 to 15 indicating something that you will probably not remember by that point, but will the next day.   

       The dice shot glasses - Hmm. I wonder if the roll sequence is initiated by a change in g-force?
Zimmy, Nov 16 2005

       Doth mine eyes deceive me or did [jutta] make a pretty good pun?
hidden truths, Nov 16 2005


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