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Smash Your Phone!

iPhone magic
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This is a mobile phone app that senses when the phone is moved quickly using an accelerometer. While the app is activated, the screen goes blank. When the phone is jerked quickly in one direction, it gives off a loud crack, and the screen appears to shatter. Each time the phone is moved, the screen cracks more, until it's completely pulverized. The intent is to allow you to pretend to slam the phone against a hard surface repeatedly. From an angle, it'll appear that the screen is actually cracked, so you can fool your friends.

The Deluxe version of the app would feature different kinds of damage; for example, you could simulate the damage being focused on one area of the screen, as if you are impaling the device on a spike.

DrWorm, Aug 21 2010


       Could you add a feature where the phone screams loudly, "...OW!!! Please stop! You're killing me!..." And, is there room in a cell phone for a small smoke canister? And, could you fix it so the app takes over when you are talking to someone really annoying (on the phone) so they hear the carnage as well? No matter, that's why software upgrades were invented --- this idea sounds bakeable to me... bun! [+]
Grogster, Aug 21 2010

       and maybe shouting at it also increases damages..
Riki, Aug 22 2010

       Another idea: An "opera" app that makes the screen shatter when you sing at the right frequency into the microphone.
DrWorm, Aug 22 2010


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