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Sleep Mode

wake me up, then wake yourself up
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I don't like getting woken up by phone calls in the middle of the night, so I put my phone into 'silent' mode when I go to sleep. I also use my phone to wake me up in the morning, using its alarm feature.

The problem is that in my sleepy state I often forget to set my phone back to 'normal' mode when I wake up. So I get to lunchtime wondering why nobody has called, then check my phone and find a ton of messages. Durrrh.

This happens so often that I thought it would be useful to have a new mode called 'sleep' mode - it's like silent mode, but it automatically switches back to 'normal' mode when the main alarm goes off. A simple tweak that would solve my problem.

bumhat, Jan 15 2007


       Most phones (the ones that I have had, at least) will ring the alarm even when turned off. So you could set your alarm to wake you in the morning and then turn the thing off. Keep it in the ringing mode that you will use during the day.   

       When the alarm sounds, you get up and the phone asks whether you want it to start-up.
Jinbish, Jan 15 2007


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