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Smelly Mail

Clear the streets of Motorcycle and bicycle couriers
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A courier service using the local storm drains or sewers. A drone delivery service to each manhole cover in the hole city. A man or woman with a rod and line would be able to 'fish' for the mail with the appropriate magnetic signal.

You could use crocodiles, but they may grow too big? Overcoming waterfalls, shitfalls could also be a problem, however the creation of a few 'salmon runs' could overcome this.

Thus clearing the streets of those annoying courier types and it would be faster too.

WorldCrazyGolfChamp, Feb 02 2006

Pooh sticks http://www.theencha....com/poohsticks.htm
[po, Feb 02 2006]


       "What can brown do for you?"
jutta, Feb 02 2006

       poo sticks.
po, Feb 02 2006

       I prefer 'annoying courier types' to smelly mail fishers.
Cube, Feb 02 2006

       "Oh man, the shit has really hit the fan! Another postal worker just flipped!"   

       Another thought: just think of the union they'd create.
RayfordSteele, Feb 02 2006


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