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Telegram reaction video.

So you know they "got the message."
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Go online and enter the name, address and time of delivery of your target. Enter the text for your message.

A skilled actor will deliver those words, by memory face to face with your target. The message will be delivered with feeling and force.

A video camera in the cap of our messengers will capture the reaction of the recipient.

We will email this video to you.

futurebird, Sep 19 2008


phoenix, Sep 20 2008

       come on, who do you think I had in mind for the "skilled actor?"
futurebird, Sep 20 2008

       // who do you think I had in mind //   

       Brad Pitt, in a chicken costume ?
8th of 7, Sep 20 2008

       "come on, who do you think I had in mind for the 'skilled actor?'"
phoenix, Sep 20 2008

       + nice idea, but does anyone really send telegrams anymore? (just curious as I have never gotten one)
xandram, Sep 21 2008

       Won't it be confusing when the actor delivers all the 'STOP' words with feeling and force?
pertinax, Sep 21 2008


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