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Topographical Keyboards

Fingers walking on water or climbing mountains
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The Pacific keyboard looks just like an undulating ocean until your fingers approach (think automatic restroom faucet). The board is covered by a tough, elastic, blue-green polyester anchored between the keys. Each key has a telescopic wave form under the covering that moves up and down in a swell way until it’s to be used.

The Himalaya keyboard is static but still majestic in its three dimensional portrayal of a snow-capped mountain range. The mountains turn to molehills when it’s time to type. The characters are printed in a slightly darker tone.

FarmerJohn, Apr 26 2004


       I love the sound of the sea: "clackclackclackclackclack"   

       Would there be an option on the ocean version to keep the keyboard undulading, and simply position your fingers to block upward movement to type?
Worldgineer, Apr 26 2004

       That's good. It seems we need a whack-a-mole model.
FarmerJohn, Apr 26 2004

       a good long soak in soapy water does wonders for your nails <blows varnish dry>
po, Apr 26 2004

       I want the Manhattan Skyline keyboard.
DrCurry, Apr 26 2004

       [DrCurry] - Order one for me, too.
phundug, Apr 26 2004

       your asking for car pool tunnel syndrome
joking victim, Apr 26 2004

       ::Beep!:: ...The E key moved to its familiar known spot around the Pleistocene era, but back then the Keyboard looked like an entirely different place. It was during this time when the comma was still part of the M key and the @ symbol was still submerged below the numeric plate seen here...::Beep!::   

       (Rebunned) +
sartep, Apr 26 2004


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