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Sorting hat for MPs

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While watching today's drama from the Punch-and-Judy show which is Boris Johnson's government, it occurred to me that it's pretty easy to sort many MPs into one of the four Houses of Hogwarts.

Boris Johnson : Hufflepuff
Jacob Rees-Mogg : Slytherin
Priti Patel : Slytherin
Sajid Javid : Gryffindor

I have a suspicion that you could get broad agreement on these traits even across the political divide. I propose a website where registered users[1] could vote on how to sort MPs, with results so far (and discussion) displayed to those who had voted.

[1] Political affiliation would be declared on registration, and updated after completion of each election.

Loris, Jul 06 2022

Boris resigned today https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-62077691
"European media headlines drip disdain and incredulity at what they view as a political opera buffa (slapstick opera performance) currently unfolding in the UK." [Loris, Jul 07 2022]


       Unfortunately (for them), most politicians would be sorted into an oubliette.
neutrinos_shadow, Jul 06 2022


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