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Sovereign Academic City

Now... where have I heard of this... sounds awfully familar
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I read somewhere that in the early times there was some universities that were actually independent and had some sovereign power. I am not sure if they were as sovereign as a city state like the Vatican, but heck it sounds cool.

What if we have a new sovereign microstate controlled by a university board? What would that look like? Will it have various other minor kindergartens, high school, up to some higher level learning institutes as well?

Maybe it will have students from around the world living there from kindergarden, up to the main university.

Perhaps each part of the academic city could be split into districts like "philosophy", "engineering", etc... each with their own police, and military.

All that being said and done, the only thing we are missing from making this city complete, is a craploads of windmills placed everywhere in this city for no good reason...

mofosyne, Aug 01 2013

With anatomically correct campuses Anatomically_20Correct_20Campus
[theircompetitor, Aug 01 2013]

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Look at "4. Academy City (Railgun)"... Windmills Windmills everywhere [mofosyne, Aug 19 2014]


       To me, it sounds like Roke, from the Wizard of Earthsea series of books. I'd love for there to be a real place like this.
zen_tom, Aug 01 2013

       universities have their own police forces and certainly plenty of politics
theircompetitor, Aug 01 2013

       Leading to immediate Balkanisation along academic disciplines, medical schools likely getting their shit together quickly and trampling over arts faculties in predictably brutal style, central services collaborating all over the shop, pretending to be neutral but really just trying to keep the balance of power. Oxbridge operating inter-college warfare, the last one standing in each then set to knocking the shite out of the other in a final ancient university showdown, no Paxman this time, no, just prematurely grizzled undergrads clambering over broken jumbles of smashed masonry and bodies to shank, shank and shank again (just to make sure, need to be sure) the malnourished and barely living enemy, until a blood spattered labcoat is held aloft in capitulation, the winning side huckled immediately into waiting aircraft to shore up the seige of Bologna.
calum, Aug 01 2013

       Like the Encyclopedia Foundation, far out in the Periphery of the Galactic Empire...
lurch, Aug 01 2013

       And universities can wage war and have territorial disputes with one another.
Pinuzzo, Aug 02 2013

       Vatican city and District of Columbia come to mind.   

       Professors are given tenure so they can "profess". Say what they want, tell the truth as they see it. Without worrying about reprisals.   

       In some sense each professor is his/her own little country. Strengthening tenure to the point neither the tax man nor the university can repress thought is like Martha says "a good thing".   

       A second citizenship in large hotel sized country for all tenure persons would give them a place to stand when things get hot at home.
popbottle, Aug 03 2013

       "Hail, hail, Academia, home of the Brave and Free."
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 03 2013

       This makes most sense as "color" in a fantasy sci fi - a literal ivory tower (maybe a floating city?).
bungston, Aug 03 2013

       — bungston   

       You may be thinking of a "Certain Scientific Railgun" anime. Good show. And hey it's located in... drumroll...   

       Academy City
mofosyne, Aug 19 2014


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