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Smoker's Antabuse

If you try to smoke on this treatment you will puke.
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We have had anabuse for alcohol for years. Why not anabuse for smokers as well. This product would be targetted at those smokers who are lacking in willpower. These people smoke anyways if they are on the patch. This way if they attempt to smoke while on treatment (they will) they vomit violently.
dostoyevsky, Jul 23 2001

(?) Stuff about nicotine receptors http://www.geocitie.../2257/nicotine.html
Beware of X10 popups. [LoriZ, Jan 20 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       Fortunately I was able to get rid of the habit 9 years ago. But before that I was grasping at anything. I thought of baking this ( before the era of half-baking) by using the whitish stuff on top of car batteries. Every time I worked on a battery I didn't dare smoke until I scrubbed vigorously, very bad sensation/taste. I think it's the copper in it, as I had the same sensation after handling brass.
yunohu, Jul 23 2001

       Presumably they would also vomit should they find themselves in a smoke-filled environment. Bodes well for personal safety.
st3f, Jul 23 2001

A Clockwork Orange.
lewisgirl, Jul 23 2001

       Actually, if you have been exposed to the fumes from anything with methylene chloride in it (some heavy-duty paint strippers), after exposure, you will find that a cigarette is almost impossible to smoke--the taste is so indescribably foul . . .

I think the anabuse idea is a good one. I once smoked for a short time and have seen others struggle with the addiction and think this is a croissant of an idea.
bristolz, Jul 24 2001

       In "A Clockwork Orange" the treatment was forced, this would be optional.
dostoyevsky, Aug 03 2001

       Maybe curare would do the trick.
LoriZ, Jan 20 2002

       Best effect would be to make the smoke taste better to inhale, and indescribably foul to exhale. Fun!   

       I noticed a new *premium* cigarette yesterday at $4.50 a pack (store where regular name brands are about $3.75) touted as "lower in nitrates and catechols" that have palladium as a listed ingredient. Hmm.
reensure, Jan 20 2002

       Steve DeGroof, then you would vomit all over them and they would think twice about doing this again! Users shouhld wear a prominent badge to warn the smoker not to do it.
dare99, Jan 21 2002

       dare - your "warning badge" would act as an invitation
quarterbaker, Jan 21 2002

       "Hi! Please vomit on me!"
angel, Jan 21 2002

       Wow! The cost of cigarettes is amazing. When my husband quit, they were somewhere between $3 and $4 a carton. Just the cost per week would be enough to get me to quit, if I ever started in the first place.
TeaTotal, Jan 21 2002

       Wo Excellent. We also need this for overeaters. As soon as they reach the limit of what they should eat, food is repulsive to them. Or... just turns them off food completely for a day. Could fast alternate days. Something less dangerous than E.coli or salmonella would be nice. summer
summer, Jan 22 2002

       I posted a similar idea for fattening food a long time ago, but it was removed because it had the word "ass" in the title.
mrthingy, Jan 22 2002

       This drug would be a big seller. All you'd need is a daily five seconds of the will not to smoke, enough time to pop the pill, and smoking for that day would cease to be even an issue. As an alcoholic, Antabuse has made my non-drinking a breeze. Bring it on!
michelangeleau63, Apr 13 2002

       I'm just annotating this because I had the idea myself today and felt the need to do a search for to make sure my own idea wasn't redundant. Seems it is redundant, but that don't make it a loser.
dpsyplc, Jul 22 2004

       Actually, this idea is completely superceded by the arrival of Welbutrin/Zyban. If ever there were a wonder drug for smokers, that's it. I highly recommend it.
phoenix, Jul 22 2004

       Makes cigs taste like crap ... I'm told.
dpsyplc, Jul 22 2004


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