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Smoking Sticker

Children's Message Stickers
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Address labels (anyone can actually make their own with avery labels) that have a simple message from the child to the parent/ aunt/ uncle/ grandparent, etc. Child (or other concerned party) would put these across the cigarette pack so they'd have to break the seal. Brightly colored labels would be ideal so others will ask what it's about. Simple phrases like:
"Stop killing yourself with these! I love you! - Anna"
Why do you want to die? Don't you love me?"
"I'll miss you when you're dead, Daddy"
The mere thought of this compelled me to quit - I also got leverage by visiting www.whyquit.com
Trunk, May 25 2006


       We all know smoking can be bad for you. If you still choose to do it you should be left to do it in peace. Rights, freedom and all that ;-)   

       A funny idea and also baked are stickers to stick over the health warning that say things such as "smoking is cool". <grin> I've seen these. Not that I think that smoking IS cool but it redresses the balance.   

       Why do governments etc. think that health warnings make any difference anyway. It is widely known that scare tactics and harsh warnings/slogans are not effective.
webfishrune, May 25 2006

       if you saw those on every pack, that would mean you'd see those things about 100 times a day (that's each time you buy a new pack + every time you take a cigarette out of it, + every time someone else smoking besides you in the smoking area takes a cigarette out of his/her pack.   

       My guess is that you'll end up hating the very concept of a family.
sweet, May 25 2006

DrBob, May 25 2006

       I'm not wild about the title.   

       If a child can deftly place a sticker on the unattended pack, why doesn't the child equally deftly destroy the pack's contents. I'm sure that both strategies will ultimately lead to the same result. That is, the pack being hidden away from child's reach.
Texticle, May 26 2006

       // If you still choose to do it you should be left to do it in peace. Rights, freedom and all that ;-) //   

       Works both ways. I know breathing clean air is good for me, I should be left to do it in peace.   

danpat, May 26 2006


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