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smoke signals

even more anti smoking propaganda and/or messages in smoke
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In the UK, all cigarette packs come with a vivid label saying someting like "SMOKE AND DIE", or "THIS WILL KILL YOU" etc. This isn't really working, because smokers come to accept these messages and simply dismiss them. I believe even more messages should be communicated, and I propose a method that I believe could be possible in a way never seen before.

In a still room with little air movent, I've noticed that when cigarettes burn, they emit a rather consistent plume of smoke, often resembling a spiral trail.

This is due to the consistency of the tobacco and paper, and the rate it burns at (i assume).

If these were cleverly constructed with fast burning, slow burning, and non-burning ingredients, I believe (with a lot of R&D) it could be possible to produce cigarretts that emit words in their plume, such as:

SMOKING KILLS (reading upwards)

or something simmilar. Therefore in less windy environments people and those surrounding them will constantly be warned unavoidably.

I havn't done any research into this, but its something I believe could work...maybe not cigarettes, but the concept of something cleverly fabricaed, burning strategically to read a message can surely be done somehow.

I dont think i've quite managed to explain this well enough, but please try to understand the concept.

ps...had no idea which category to put this one in

shinobi, Apr 24 2005


       even lip-manipulating a smoke ring is difficult, I never did achieve it. not sure how you are going to accomplish this.
po, Apr 24 2005

       I think this might work in dot-matrix format. The trick would be to smoke 8 or more cigarettes simultaneously, spanning the mouth. You'd have to light them all simultaneously, or else everything would come out in italic. I suspect that this would work best with some good old-fashioned high-tar cigarettes (denser smoke, perhaps).

This is my kind of deterrant.
Basepair, Apr 24 2005

       health: smoking?
po, Apr 25 2005

       Maybe they could be adapted to display "UK Duty Paid" or "For personal consumption only". The own-use imported fags would have to be a lot longer, given the relative lengths of those two messages.
david_scothern, Apr 25 2005

       S..M..O..K..E.. M..A..R..L..B..O..R..O.. L..I..G..H..T.. N..O..W.. W..I..T..H.. C..O..O..L.. S..M..O..K..E.. M..E..S..S..A..G..E..S..
methinksnot, Mar 20 2006

       This is not possible. But even if it were, it would be so cool that more people might smoke just to see it.
phundug, Mar 20 2006

       Take the dot matrix approach as mentioned above and insert 64 wicks containing colored gun powder positioned at various points a long the length of the cigarette this could fire out sparks in sync with each other producing an 8*8 matrix to produce any charicter you wish in any color. OK the combination of inhaling sulfur, potasium etc will probably kill you though but I could not guarantee you would die any quicker than a regular cigarette.   

       An alternative of course is just write smoke this and die on the side of a normal cigarette.
Braindead, Mar 20 2006


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