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to full cant lift bike...
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a lock for you bike that when its stolen, shoots a tube in to the theifs mouth and down in to his stoumach, then ejecting, 15lb. of stuffing in to the theifs stoumach. then the subject will be to full to steal your bike.
RCtumblewheat, Aug 04 2005


       Glory be! Why has it not been thought of sooner? And what a delightfully obscene name!
pooduck, Aug 04 2005

       sage and onion?
po, Aug 04 2005

       I'd steal your bike all day long.
daseva, Aug 04 2005

       ....and might I ask, where your bike will be around the third week of November?
Gryph, Aug 04 2005

       that's a leading question...
po, Aug 04 2005

       Isn't cycling around with an extra 15 pounds of lock going to be a bit tiring for the cycle owner?
coprocephalous, Aug 05 2005

       [+] for presentation.
skinflaps, Aug 05 2005

       <sarcasm in case you didn't realise, which you should have done>Ah. This doesn't go against almost every human right in the book. Nor is is completely stupid. Nor does it make you look like a complete idiot who can't spell or punctuate. See link for the rules of grammar, see dictionary for spelling (no I haven't linked to a dictionary). Besides, he would just vomit over your car, collapse, be taken to hospital, have to eat through a tube for the rest of his life due to damage to his oesophagus, sue you, win, and you would go to jail. But at least you'd have your bike!</sarcasm>   

       Well done for not making your first idea an anti-Halfbakery whinge, although, looking at your account, you set it up July 29th, so you probably posted an idea then and had it deleted (I use 'idea' in the broadest sense of the word).   

       Oh, nearly forgot. (Stuffed) fishbone.
dbmag9, Aug 05 2005

       Bike thefts by cooked turkeys are going to be a problem, but most of them have trouble reaching the pedals.
Enjoyer, Aug 05 2005

       One of the worst I've seen. I'm not even going to try to explain why. RCtum, you are creative, but not coherent.
baconbrain, Aug 05 2005

       How would it aim for his mouth? also wouldn't carting around 15 pounds in your bike bag be a pain in the rear?   

       Stuffed fishbone.
Dickcheney6, May 26 2008

       Hey, wait a minute, he didn't say 15 pounds of toxins, nor did he say 15 pounds of metal. He said 15 pounds of stuffing! Stuffing is the stuff that you put in a turkey. With the exception of alergies and Chinese-made produce it is non-toxic. A problem is the homeless would wander around searching for this kind of lock. Anyway, heres a bun to make all that fish paletable.
Voice, May 26 2008

       I'll be waiting in the bushes for a turkey to try and steal my bicycle.
FlyingToaster, May 26 2008

       This… wow. OTOH, I got to laugh and bone something at the same time.
notexactly, May 27 2018


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