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Supermarket Slots™

Play the slots before you shop to win groceries!
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Rather than playing slot machines to win money, play for store credit instead. The same rules would apply except that you win tokens instead of money.

I figure that this would make the store richer and there would be moral implications that come along with the family that blows their last $100 on the machines instead of buying food. Discuss.

Jscotty, May 25 2009


       Yes, let's make the working class suffer more! [-]
tommyato, May 25 2009

       I'd prefer to play roulette, poker, blackjack etc after doing my shopping (I see your can of beans and I raise you half a cucumber and a crusty bloomer) [=]
MadnessInMyMethod, May 26 2009

       Baby needs a new box of Pampers...
tatterdemalion, May 26 2009

       //there would be moral implications that come along with the family that blows their last $100 on the machines instead of buying food//   

       So basically you're saying 'please fishbone me'. You do not mention any advantages this might have over say a slot arcade next to a supermarket,(there actually is a slot arcade next to a supermarket where I live) nor do you suggest any advantages over a supermarket with no slots in sight.
Bad Jim, May 26 2009

       You are absolutely right [Bad Jim]. I neglected to mention that the advantage to this would be that your winnings go towards the purchase of more groceries which would permit you to legally gamble in places where slots are outlawed.
Jscotty, May 26 2009

       Placing slot machines where a democratically elected authority decided they should be outlawed? Bun, for the sheer balls of it.
Bad Jim, May 26 2009

       I'm sure I read this idea a few months ago - was it deleted and brought back to life?
po, May 27 2009

       Audacious, but I don't see why not. In fact, to make it more fun have the payout set at 100% so over the long term families don't suffer. That way it's just adding excitement to the shop.   

       There are moral implications to this, but they exist for all gambling, so I don't see why I'd single this out.
Germanicus, May 27 2009

       House always wins. This effect can be masked by the average winning frequency of the median gambler (quite high). i.e. an infrequent visitor will generally make their money back or lose 5%. The mean of that is 2.5%. Slots operate on paying out close to 98% of takings (generally regulated/legislated). And taking the change, only 0.5% really. Habitual slot gamblers always lose. It is a function of their exposure. You are far more likely to profit from only intermittant exposure on slots. This method applies to all gambling. Try only take hands at 21 when you "feel like it". You soon get kicked out. Although the percentages at tables are more inclined to the house.   

       Unfortunately groceries are not that animal. We are all there, every day. The true wisdom of *house always wins* would then become apparent (a few standard deviations on either side) to the general public, by virtue of daily exposure.   

       Won't be popular, or profitable. Casino's margins are in the low single percentiles, retail margins are (usually) in the low single percentiles. This is not a marriage made in heaven. Unless you are one of the great unwashed.
4whom, May 27 2009

       I honey I'm Home. I gambled away the entire monthly food budget. We will be sharing the dog's chow again. Rover sure is getting skinny.
popbottle, Dec 20 2013


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