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Snake roller

You thought you could never ride on a snake?
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They ssslowly sssidled up to the ssstart line, sssitting on a ssstrange ssset of sssegmented ssseats.
Sssilently, each team member sssolidly gripped the handle which was attached to the ssseat in front.
"Go!", yelled the ssstarter.

In sssequence, they twisssted the handlesss, and sssnaked off into the dissstance.

Ling, Apr 19 2005

inssspiration http://www.plasmaca...id=92&cat=28&page=1
[Ling, Apr 19 2005]

Imagine coming back from the pub on one of these http://www.geocitie...boy/other/snake.JPG
Policeman:"I have reason to believe that you have been drinking, Sirs. Now, who is the driver of this vehicle?" [Ling, Apr 19 2005]


       Snake riding should be an Olympic sport. The snakes should be bred to resemble the worm (ie the one you won't attract if you walk without rhythm).
disbomber, Apr 19 2005

       Sweet sketch [Ling]   

       Yeah, except the overlapping should be changed so that rider 2, 3, 4, etc. each have feet and rear on the same board.
FarmerJohn, Apr 19 2005

       I thought about that, but considered that reaching past your feet to hold the wheel a bit uncomfortable. Admittedly, it's a problem either way.   

       Sit cross legged?
Ling, Apr 19 2005

       + and + for drawing.
zeno, Apr 19 2005

       [Ling] - didn't know you could draw!
wagster, Apr 19 2005

       [2FSOAHM], [wagster], Fortunately the internet cannot convey a blushing face. I must tell my colleague how much everyone appreciated his work.   

       Only kidding! Did I have you going?
Ling, Apr 20 2005

       Naww. <eyesdownandtotheright>   


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