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Snap, crackle and BANG

Rice crispies for grown ups
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1 in every 10 rice crispies has actually got a little bit of sodium in in -- so upon contact with milk you hear snap, crackle and BAAAANG!

Disadvantages: Your breakfast is kind of .. er .. well .. poisonous. Oh and you keep smashing bowls. But apart from that, it's a flawless plan ..

britboy, May 30 2008


       Definately an "adult" cereal.
Jscotty, May 30 2008

       But my strawberries will get pulverized, perhaps? +
blissmiss, May 30 2008

       Also available in Potassium and White Phosphorous flavour......   

8th of 7, May 30 2008

       That's amazing.... I once re-designed the famous packaging, substituting the cute cover kids with gang style hoodies. I changed the title to: Snap! Crackle! Click! Bang! I'm bound to approve of a product to match.
xenzag, May 30 2008

       //White Phosphorous flavour// Vacuum-packed, I imagine.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, May 30 2008

       My chemistry is weak, I know the sodium will separate the hydrogen from the water in the milk, but what is left over? Na?O? is that the poisonous stuff or just the pure Sodium. Do I just have to stir till the explosions stop?(+) Or will the results still be poisonous? (-) Is there anything else that could be added that will make the results non-poisonous?
MisterQED, May 30 2008


       But apart from that, it's a flawless plan
normzone, May 30 2008

       It would probably have caustic soda in it, but that doesn't really matter. Never did me any 'arm (apart from the burns up my arms from the splashes, that is).
nineteenthly, May 30 2008

       //probably have caustic soda in it// yup, that's the stuff. You lose one hydrogen off the water molecule, and end up with NaOH - sodium hydroxide, the active ingredient in Drano. Flavor is extremely bitter, feel is soapy, swallowing is harmful or fatal. Titrate with HCl (hydrochloric acid) to balance pH at precisely 7.0 and you end up with water and salt. Non-poisonous, but that may be the only good thing you'd say about it.
lurch, May 30 2008

       you say that like it's a bad thing
FlyingToaster, May 30 2008

       You might flavour it with citric acid crystals, just sufficient to make the resulting cereal neutral.
neelandan, May 31 2008

       //Definately an "adult" cereal.//
I thought that an adult cereal was "Debbie does Dallas" or similar.
Ling, May 31 2008

       //flavour it with citric acid crystals//
That should nicely offset the taste of the kerosene.
Amos Kito, May 31 2008

       You'd also be able to unblock drains with it, and it would turn the fat in the milk into soap.
nineteenthly, May 31 2008

       It all a lye, a damn lye!
4whom, May 31 2008

       you'll wish you had taken more care of your teeth.
po, May 31 2008

       Wouldn't the milk act as a buffer?
Cuit_au_Four, Jun 02 2008

       Something about stirring a bowl of exploding cereal is really awesome.
Mrlemonjelly, Jun 02 2008

       Is NaOH harmful if diluted enough to lower the pH to a reasonable level? For example, if one had a glass of NaHCO3 (baking soda) and a glass of NaOH, and the latter was diluted to match the pH of the first, would the glass of dilute NaOH cause any more harm than the glass of NaHCO3?   

       Also--titration with HCl may be difficult, since HCl doesn't have any convenient solid form. Could one produce an anhydrous mixture of Na and citric acid (or some other acidic powder)? Or would such a mixture be liable to self-react, even in solid form?
supercat, Jun 03 2008


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