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Ravings of a Madman: The Dog... or is it Cereal?

It says turkey on the package, but it's really chocolate.
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Today I was at my local supermarket, walking through the breakfast aisle, when behold: the weirdest... thing... ever. Its packaging created the illusion it had no bottom. On a closer look, I saw several erratic arrows in random directions labeled 'THIS WAY UP'.

Ravings of a Mad Man: The Cereal. It comes with a warning that it won't make sense to any sane man. The flakes are shapeless, fuzzy blobs. As for the toy at the bottom of the package, if you can find the bottom, which end is the head and which is the tail? Or is it a coffee table? On the back of the package, there's total nonsense, which I'm confident can be made by computers so it is unique on each package. After all, all the computer would need to know is how to pull up random words that would make sense when ordered into a sentence. They wouldn't need to make any sort of sense in the real world. After all it is Ravings of a Mad Man Cereal. The ones that do make sense in the real world could be special collectors items as they would be rare. And as for the bottom of the package, there could be a fortune, like "Pickle your uncle for long-term storage." And it's always a different flavor than it says it is.

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       Lucie in the Sky with Diamonds......
WcW, Jan 10 2009

       One hurdle is that, in many countries, food products are required to list their ingredients and nutrition facts. You can get around the ingredients by saying "ingredients: contains one or more of the following: [everything in existence]", but the nutrition facts are a bit tougher. An estimate for each calculated by the computer that puts it together would suffice, I guess. Wouldn't want to tell the consumer the real ingredients if at all possible because that would give away the secret, but the nutrition facts are fine+
Spacecoyote, Jan 10 2009

       Hehe. +
Sir_Misspeller, Jan 10 2009

       rearrange a few words here and there and you have a wormhole-dispensing system that allows you to pour your breakfast cereal fresh from the factory. Don't look directly into the wormhole please and people who reverse the polarity *will* be billed for cleanup.
FlyingToaster, Jan 10 2009

       So, you have random text and random flavours. Nothing too challenging there.   

       //the illusion it had no bottom// , on the other hand, how is that achieved? I mean what do you see when you look at the point where the cardboard meets the shelf, and how could you make that illusion independent of a particular point of view, so that it would not simply fail as soon as the observer stepped one more pace along the aisle?
pertinax, Jan 10 2009

       Nice link there, [Amos]. Here's the final words from a paragraph it generated about George W. Bush: //As it stands, Pres. Bush wonders why everyone hates him. Apparently, he never stopped to think that maybe it's because he has been fairly successful in his efforts to shred the basic compact between the people and their government. That just goes to show what can be done with a little greed, a complete lack of scruples, and the help of a bunch of the most abusive paranoiacs you'll ever see. Now that you've read the bulk of this letter, it should not come as a complete surprise that Pres. George W Bush can justify anything that brings him a profit. However, this fact bears repeating again and again, until the words crack through the hardened exteriors of those who would construct the spectre of a terrible armed threat. I am referring, of course, to the likes of George W Bush.//
Spacecoyote, Jan 10 2009

       ////the illusion it had no bottom// , on the other hand, how is that achieved?//   

       Same thing I wondered.
How about a cardboard Klein boxttle with the open end as the base?

       I took it as meaning that the box art has no point of orientation, the box itself is just a normal box.
Spacecoyote, Jan 10 2009

       As for the nutrition facts, you mean that in some countries you don't need to put them on? They would be on the hidden bottom of the box. In order to create the illusion that the box has no bottom, the bottom of the box is elevated out of sight leaving a cardboard void at the packages' bottom and some tabs would be cut out of it so you would see how "bottomless" it is. By the way, thanks for noticing my first article!!! I wrote it before bed and behold! In the morning it is +6 -1 with 3 links and plenty of comments. My Friend said that it was to abstract (or badly written) for even eccentric people to follow. Thank you!!! :D   

       //you mean that in some countries you don't need to put them on?//   

       Canada didn't require them until 2003.
Spacecoyote, Jan 10 2009

       //too abstract for even eccentric people to follow//   

       If I may be so bold, welcome to the bakery, where eccentricty is taken to a whole new level!
MadnessInMyMethod, Jan 11 2009

       dada supermarket. totally awesome +
benfrost, Jan 13 2009

       I should have known that, i live in Canada.   

       oh, and the rant generator is cool!!!   

       Ever thought of shortening your user name? (Just wondering.) [Canadians...walks off shuffling...]
blissmiss, Mar 20 2009

       More anagrams that way eh.   

       haha :) . the user name was partly chosen because of its length (i have a slightly sadistic sense of humour oh, ya american spelling :) humor ), but it is slightly annoying when it overlaps with articles (the word packaging in this case).   

       [creepy giggling fit] ya, i was half asleep and dreaming.   

       HALF asleep, half is the keyword there :)   

       If you can't trust the packaging, how can you trust the contents?
Nelipot, Apr 05 2009

       The brand of tortillas we buy have a ziplock-type resealable strip at the bottom edge of the package. At the top of the package, where one would normally be inclined to tear apart the plastic like a rabid porcupine, is printed a stern admonition against such a violent and unspeakably short-sighted act. And every time I see it, I wonder, 'Why not just put the resealable strip at the top?"   

       [+] for food product packaging that brazenly defies logic and laughs in the face of consumer sensibility.
justaguy, Apr 07 2009

       You just can't trust the contents, that's part of the point.   

       Now with symmetrical Rorschach-test marshmallows!
RayfordSteele, Jul 31 2015


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