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Peer-to-peer traffic moderation device
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This device communicates information about poorly or illegally driven vehichles to the authorities via a network of citizens. By combining GPS, video and/or RFID tags, evidence of specific vehicles and drivers engaging in illegal or unsafe driving pratices could be seemlessly reported. The purpose of the SnitchMaster9000 is not a vindictive or malicious one. This idea is meant to help make the roads safer by mandating required driving classes for those people reported numerous times for sub-par driving and tickets or court-dates for illegal or reckless driving.

Basically, it is a gun-shaped device that you point at their liscense plate and pull the trigger to record GPS coords, time from the nuclear clock signal, record video of the event and transmit the data wirelessly to the cops for evidence.

Certain countries may have a love affair with internal-combustion engine vehicles, however, today facilities are available for amatuers and enthusiast car racing at a pretty cheap price. Bottom line is, the streets are for transportation, not "racers" or those who somehow managed to pass the driving test.

everyshoefits, Jul 10 2004


       I hope it's not *too* gun-shaped, or else those bad drivers may get the wrong idea.
5th Earth, Jul 10 2004

       While I approve of enforcement of the rules of the road, I don't care much for this idea. It needs work. Many "events" will occur before you can pull the trigger on your "gun-shaped device" -- cutting someone off, running a red light, etc. And how well could most people film a car speeding past? Would others film me recklessly filming-while-driving?
If you want to get really evil (or "safe", as the case may be), require all vehicles to have installed systems reporting their own drivers. I think some companies have baked that.

This said, I do sometimes wish I had a worry-free reporting system, while following a weaving drunk driver for miles. If I call on my cell phone, the police need accurate location info, and I don't always know my exact position.

Welcome to the halfbakery!
Amos Kito, Jul 10 2004

       I would like this just as long as the snitchers cannot remain annonymous. If someone snitches on me for bad or unsafe driving, I want to know who they are. And if I am being snitched on for my driving practices I want to know the driving habits of that individual.
Jscotty, Dec 09 2005


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