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Snooze for the boob-tube

When you fall asleep at the TV, it does to.
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The other evening I was watching the modern caveman campfire too long and I fell asleep. Considering the length of time that I was asleep there were several hours of wasted electricity that I will never be able to get back. Now if there was a TV that could detect when the user was not viewing and it would go into sleep mode, I am sure that a few natural resources could be saved.
forgeman, Mar 19 2005

another way http://www.geocitie...hnnie/rubecube.html
[FarmerJohn, Mar 19 2005]


       My TV has that. It can be preset to a number of minutes. I have it set to 45 minutes. If you don't zap or adjust volume or something it will automatically go into standby mode.   

       I use this in a different way. When this happens, it is time to ask myself the question "do you get from it what you want?" In most cases I answer with 'no' and I leave the TV like that and go do something else.   

       Actually, since August 2004 I have watched only some 4 to 6 hours of television time. Including the tsunami reports.   

       My TV is a Nokia MP 55 A2. My grandparents bought it especially with your proposed use in mind. I inherited it. With the way I am using it, it will get very old.   

       I prefer to hook up a beamer to my PowerBook and watch a DVD.
rrr, Mar 19 2005

       I think boob-tube has different meanings in the US. I was expecting a sort of padded chin-rest on the front of a tight-fitting top for women, to allow them to nod off in comfort.
Basepair, Mar 19 2005

       Sp: too.
Basepair, Mar 20 2005

       FJ - what a fantastic illustration. I think it might be your best one yet.
energy guy, Mar 20 2005

       This must be borderline marked for deletion. Almost every television available now has this feature.
Detly, Mar 20 2005

       [I prefer to hook up a beamer to my PowerBook and watch a DVD]   

       That's unexpected - BMW + Powerbook gives DVD viewing.
DenholmRicshaw, Mar 20 2005

       [FarmerJohn] - Excellent drawing. You are on my list of People to Worry About as soon as I get a chance....
Basepair, Mar 20 2005

       [Detly], I have yet to know of any TVs that detect when the viewer has lapsed into slumber. It actually seems a hard problem to solve, [FJ]'s approach aside (and that has its own set of problems).
bristolz, Mar 20 2005

       Ah. I clearly misread the idea.
Detly, Mar 21 2005

       a dead man's button on the remote?
po, Mar 21 2005

       no, I think it's just a piece of a hotdog but thanks for pointing it out.
Basepair, Mar 21 2005

       Crap, now I need to plead for a new t-shirt. (The illustration is on par with "Door Path Beater".)   

       A plus for the idea, that inspired the drawing. I sleep to the muffled sounds of television during the day, so it might not work so well for me.
blissmiss, Mar 21 2005


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