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Real Switch Off Switch

Takes your TV beyond standby
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There should be a button on the TV-remote that actually switches off your TV, next to the standby mode. Lately there was a big fire in Amsterdam due to a TV on standby. Note: the tv was brandnew! Technically difficult, but it must be possible...

(This should be suggested earlier I suppose, but couldn't find anything).

BartJan, Apr 23 2002


       Technically quite simple actually. Switching your TV on at the set itself could enable a relay (solid-state or otherwise) in series with the mains which could be disabled by the 'Kill' switch.
angel, Apr 23 2002

       So where is it then?
BartJan, Apr 23 2002

       As long as you're willing to physically go to the set to turn it back on, no problem. Otherwise some batteries would be required in the TV to operate the circuitry to turn it back on via the remote. I suppose these batteries could recharge while the TV is on. Sounds do-able to me.   

       But how many fires are started this way ?
half, Apr 23 2002

       I remember reading that the preheaters in TVs are responsible for a lot of house fires. Maybe just a switch that turns off the preheater, else, you will lose all the channel programming and preferences prevalent in today's sets.
bristolz, Apr 23 2002

       Good point about the preheater. Seems that some tv sets in the past had a switchable "instant on" option. (Probably a tube type set). In today's power-usage conscious age, I'd be surprised if we don't have that now. Maybe the manufacturers know that Americans are just not going to wait 4 seconds longer for the CRT to warm up?
half, Apr 23 2002

       Well, you still have that one big tube. I think it's a lot more than 4 seconds.   

       As CRT-equipped TVs give way to plasma, LCD, and other technologies the preheater should go away as well.
bristolz, Apr 23 2002

       If this is something you really need BartJan, perhaps I could interest you in a long, pointed stick? Only $10 to you. Contact me to arrange pickup.
mcscotland, Apr 23 2002

mcscotland, Apr 23 2002

       X10? to the tenth?   

       Anyway, I don't get your point, [bristolz], if I switch the tv off completely, and turn it on later, no preferences are lost.
BartJan, Apr 24 2002

       Baked but presumably unpopular with manufacturers as I've only seen one. My Grandma used to have a TV that worked as angel describes. My guess is that it didn't excite people enough to make the extra gubbins worth including.
stilgar, Jan 05 2005

       back in my day, we didnt have any fancy remote controls, or TV for that matter! Why dont you just get out of your chair and turn it of at the set you lazy young whippersnapper!
willywilliams, Jan 05 2005

       //Well, you still have one big tube. I think it's a lot more than 4 seconds//   

       I dont think thats true- I have had a tv be left unplugged for a long time, and it didnt take any longer than normal to get to fuul brightness.
Dickcheney6, Apr 19 2008

       My mum's old telly does this (and has done for the last 7 years). It turns off completely when you press the off button on the remote. (One press goes to standby, the second press goes off)
Judging by the sound it makes I think there is a little relay switch involved.

       You don't turn it back via remote, though. You have to get up and depress the switch manually.
Jinbish, Jan 12 2009


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