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Weight-Sensitive Television

climb on the bed and the TV turns on
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My favorite thing to do is to climb into bed at 11, turn the television on, set sleep to two hours (Family Guy's on at 11:30 now, and I usually catch some late night ball game), turn off the light, and get comfortable. All that hassle could be fixed by installing a weight sensor in your mattress. If enough weight is on a certain spot in the mattress, the television turns on, light turns off, and sleep is set to a custom time. If you get off the bed, the television is turned off and light turned back on.
Nemmy, Apr 10 2005

or you could use this http://www.cornells...product.cfm?s=7&p=1
"The Clapper" [sophocles, Apr 11 2005]


       How do you turn the TV off if you just want to sleep?
whippinggas, Apr 10 2005

       Extended wireless button (runs on two AA batteries) on the floor. Step on it/press it down, and it turns off the sensor, but the TV stays on. Then use the remote to turn the television off. Or wait for sleep to kick in.
Nemmy, Apr 10 2005

       Sounds good.
whippinggas, Apr 10 2005

       The neighbors: "Look, Nemmy's bedroom light is turning off and on and off and on and off and on..."
bristolz, Apr 10 2005

       Was just going to say something along the same lines...
DrCurry, Apr 10 2005

       Apartment. :) No one sees.   

       By light, I meant that I have a small reading lamp that I usually keep on in my bedroom. It doesn't use a lot of electricity, only produces light on my bed (so even if my neighbors could see, they wouldnt see the light going on and off), and is pretty compact.
Nemmy, Apr 10 2005

       Nice one [bristolz]   

       I like this. I hate having to turn off my light once I'm done reading.
finrod, Apr 11 2005

       [longshot9999]...good idea, I'll try to do that. :D
Nemmy, Apr 11 2005

       Or, like a dieting TV that would only turn on if your weight was lower than it was the last time you watched.
daseva, Apr 11 2005

       Hey Nemmy: You deleted my "ever hear of the clapper" anno. Well, your choice. I wasn't advertising, but simply pointing out that you can get the same functionality by using the very widely baked, albeit very hokey clapper.
sophocles, Apr 11 2005

       I did? Oh, I meant to delete one of my comments that I had just posted and thought wasn't appropriate.
Nemmy, Apr 11 2005


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