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Snow-making urinal (sorry, guys only)
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You know how the staff is always dumping ice into the guys' urinals in the bars ? Let's automate that and improve upon it...

This idea is that after the person before you flushes, a fresh mound of white chipped shaved ice plops into the urinal, so you have a fresh mound of ice to sign, defile, as you like. What a selling point of the bar/ballpark/whatever !!

DeanRadcliffe, Aug 24 2006

(?) Helen Chadwick's Piss Flowers http://fineart.ac.uk/works/bt0005/
brighten any room with a tasteful piss flower [xenzag, Aug 24 2006]

(?) SnowBlower? http://www.funnyjun...manblowjob-jpg.html
[Shz, Aug 24 2006]


       I don't remember this being done before - I like it.   

       Although I would suggest you put the idea into
health: public bathroom: urinal
fridge duck, Aug 24 2006

       why guys only ? see link. Will reward when title is rectified to include women's toilets.
xenzag, Aug 24 2006

       In the same vein, the SnowBlower.
ldischler, Aug 24 2006

       [phlish], why exactly do you find this gross? Regardless of the water it was made from, snow (to me) seems to just have an air of cleanliness about it.   

       Well I like it anyway.
fridge duck, Aug 24 2006


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