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Snow Cream

Dessert bar with water crystals and something more from the cold corners of the world
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Exclusive ice cream parlors in major cities would feature dishes that contain a small portion of snow or shaved ice from different countries or regions. Also included would be a typical foodstuff or flavoring from each area. The amounts would be so small as to exclude environmental harm. Some possibilities:

Nordic Snow Cream with cloudberries
Himalaya Snow Yoghurt with Nepali popped rice
Antarctic Iceberg Cream with unfertilized penguin egg
Kilimanjaro Snow Cream with Zanzibar vanilla and cinammon
Rocky Mountain Snow Cream with pinyon nuts
Greenland Snow Cream with walrus milk
Alp Glacier Cream with white chocolate

FarmerJohn, Jun 27 2002


       I'd go there, as long as you promised me that all of the snow was free of penguin poop and giardia when it came in.
polartomato, Jun 27 2002

       you need a giardian angel.
po, Jun 27 2002

       Isn't that a newspaper, po?
drew, Jun 27 2002

       the Manchester Giardian?
po, Jun 27 2002

drew, Jun 27 2002

       Well, there's one at the end of my street, and there's two on my mother's street.
angel, Jun 27 2002

       "so small as to exclude environmental harm" .... let me get this right. Your're proposing burn substantial quantities of jet fuel (or heavy fuel oil) in order to refrigerate and transport relatively small amounts of what is, at the end of the day, crystallised water.   

       What's wrong with this picture ?   

       Sorry, FarmerJohn. I was prepared to give the Lighting Barbeque a go out of curiosity, and that was my own fault. The doctor says my eyebrows will eventually grow back, and my hearing should return in a day or so. But I just don't think that this idea, while entirely practicable, is of any actual merit.
8th of 7, Jun 27 2002

       [polartomato] Not to worry, all the snow has freshly fallen and any ice is boiled first. Have a Siberian Snow Cream with greenhouse polar tomatoes.
[8th of 7] A lot of people buy bottled water that comes from halfway around the world. Anyway, only sailing ships and mules will be used for transports. I've heard that Andes Snow Cream with llama milk makes sausage burns heal nicely.
FarmerJohn, Jun 27 2002

       "A lot of people buy bottled water that comes from halfway around the world". This is correct. That does not mean that it is a good idea. In most western countries, the water is generally bacteriologically safe, even if it may contain significant levels of pesticides and nitrates (to name but two), so there is no actual "need" for bottled water. I don't buy it. I DO buy bottled water whne travelling overseas where I have concerns about the integrity of the local water supply; or I use SteriTabs (very effective).   

       I'll have a large Andes Snow Cream with Llama milk topping and double Condor Egg Flip Mousse, to go, please .....
8th of 7, Jun 27 2002

       Why not just capture rain, purify it, freeze it and market it with this twist? It's odds on that most of the H2O has visited all those places anyway.
phoenix, Jun 27 2002

       Salt Lake City sarsaparilla with Panda milk whip. (limited time -- soon to feature ice from the world figure skating championship 2003)
reensure, Jun 27 2002

       I'll have a Southern Alps lamb and macadamia nut sluice juice to go please
thumbwax, Jun 30 2002

       in wintertime my family always enjoys mixing up a big bowl of snow ice cream... milk, sugar, vanilla, and snow... if they are selling it at the time it's even better with good thick eggnog...
monk, Sep 25 2003

       I hiked on an Alpine Glacier once; it was filthy. Perhaps a way to do this should involve melting the ice, sterilizing the resulting water, shipping it to distribution points, *then* re-freezing it before it arrives at its destination. +1 to tip the scales back to positivity.
snarfyguy, Sep 25 2003

       You just need snow collection trays in all the sampled areas. Keep them in an inaccessable place (someone's roof or similar) Sterilize the trays before setting them out, and collect them soon after each snow, to prevent icing up and contaminants. Ship them next day air, in a cooler with dry ice, save on refrigeration. I'm sure FedEx has a drop off point in Kilimanjaro by now. They have one everywhere else.
oxen crossing, Sep 26 2003


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