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Snowboard Screw Lock

Snowboard lock that works in a way similar to most computer/laptop locks.
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This lock is in almost everything the same as the most common laptop locks with this difference: instead of a locking pin that goes into the appropriate slot in the computer, it has a screw with the same width as the ones for the bindings and that is used to screw into one of the free screw holes of the snowboard.

When locked, the lock body rotates freely without rotating the attached screw. When unlocked, the lock body is connected to the screw allowing screwing it into the snowboard.

The lock body has a key or combination and is connected to a steel cable with 1 meter long (but it can be smaller or bigger) with a looped end.

So, this lock is used by wrapping the cable around something fixed to the ground, inserting the lock through the looped end of the cable, screwing it in one of the free screw holes of the snowboard and locking with the key or combination so that the lock body rotates freely and can’t be unscrewed from the snowboard without being unlocked.

The main advantage for this lock over the most used snowboard locks is not being fixed to the bindings themselves and thus the snowboard can’t be stolen by just unscrewing the bindings.

ideafix, Apr 22 2011

Verb (v. trans.) http://theonlinepho...5706740f4970b-800wi
[mouseposture, Apr 23 2011]


       Someone could spray glue into the lock, wait a while, then unscrew it.
mitxela, Apr 22 2011

       [21 Quest] The Kensington lock or any other brand of this type of electronics locks can't be screwed into the binding holes of a snowboard.   

       [mitxela] Good point. That makes me use the same old argument that any security system is breakable; it doesn't eliminate the risk of robbery but it difficults the process.
ideafix, Apr 22 2011

       It is now that he verbed it.
spidermother, Apr 23 2011

       Etymologically derived from "ficult": a medieval species of fish noted for its attraction to curved shiny objects and a tendency to carry around blunt instruments - extinct.   

       On a sidenote the expression "fic' 'as a brick" was coined to refer to a fisherman, anxiously waiting for a nibble, surprised by "one upside the head" from his piscine prey.
FlyingToaster, Apr 23 2011

       [21 quest] Well, one of the advantages is that there are no Kensington locks for snowboards.
PauloSargaco, Apr 26 2011


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