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Ten Pin Curling

Hands up if you wouldn't want to see The Big Lebowski remade on ice.
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Recently here in the good old U of K, a lot of people have been excited because a national team have won a gold medal at an Olympic sport, namely curling.

While the game is highly skilful, and pretty tense in places, it seems to me to be similar to lawn bowls, were the latter played on ice.

Ten pin curling would be the high-energy version of the game, using the same set-up as ten pin bowling but on larger, icier lanes. There'd have to be some fairly hefty machines to heft the rocks about, but that is hardly going to be a miracle of engineering.

Ice rinks, which seem to be losing popularity nowadays, would suddenly become cool again, as they open curling alleys the world over.

-alx, Feb 24 2002


       1 gold and 2 bronzes and it's our most successful Winter Olympics since 1936. God, how embarrasing.   

       I'd play this. But then I'd play real curling too, were there anywhere to play it.
CoolerKing, Feb 24 2002

       Isn't the point of curling to stop the stone at a particular distance from the curler? Does that still apply, or is the point simply to knock down the pins?   

       Frankly, I think curling needs a lane with uneven ice to add excitement. Make it more like putting in golf.
phoenix, Feb 24 2002

       How about 'below the ice' camera footage?
reensure, Feb 24 2002

       phoenix, or we could even have... "crazy golf curling"?!! Windmills and everything. (Camera on the end of the windmill wings of course - you must make the TV-watching audience feel well queasy.)
sappho, Feb 24 2002

       I've played curling for years, and i haven't found it to be very skilful, its more down to luck than anything else.
[ sctld ], Feb 25 2002

       What phoenix suggests should be called "Crown Green Curling."   

       But If curling does become like ten pin bowling, all you need do is heft the stone full force at the pins. There would be no need for men with brooms. It is the men with brooms that make curling what it is: ace.   

       So, if ten pin curling could be made so that the stone had to stop in a certain area behind the (kocked-down) pins for the points to be recorded, the men with brooms would have a purpose. Consequently, Ten Pin Curling would be ace.
calum, Feb 25 2002

       Of course in order to play, participants would have to dress up like "electricians' wives", since this is how The Times, the esteemed voice of middle-England, described our medal winners. Which was nice.
salachair, Feb 25 2002

       Use Ski Jump as Stone Launch onto 10 pin field below.
Given that there is a certain sameness to landing point if they figure out where the 'sweet spot' is in terms of pin placement...
The team has from the time the stone is released until impact to recover the pins from the previous *whammo* and put them in place
the Team Members m_u_s_t then return to a point directly behind the ten pins.
They are judged not only on how many pins get put back/ knocked down, but also 'style' points in the Impact Zone.
Rinse and Repeat every 10 seconds for a total of 6 stone drops.
Should be a solidly entertaining 1 minute for each team.
thumbwax, Feb 25 2002

       Send the pin-setters down the ramp (no skis, no sleds) 30 seconds before the stone is automatically released. *That* I would watch.
phoenix, Feb 25 2002

       And they have to r_u_n back up to the top each time - without a break.
thumbwax, Feb 26 2002


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